Unexpected ….
If I had to use one word to describe my thoughts on Acting on Impulse by Thea Dawson that would be it.

I hope its OK if I am totally honest … ? Well I would be anyway #hahaha… I really liked this book. It was the first by this author that I read and her writing style is engaging. (I know you are sensing the BUT – and here it is…) BUT I almost did not read any further than the Opening chapter…

I never thought that I would ever say this but ME yes ME the hater of NOW and THEN chapter changings thinks in this very specific case it might have been better to not open the book with this chapter. Usually I hate it when during reading you get switched between past and present. I always call it the “Titanic” effect … because we know where the past ends up as it is our present now…
I usually always opt for telling a short” what happened in the Past” story before getting into the present…
But here – well – here it made Chris (the male lead) look bad and I mean not a little bit stupid or so but REALLY bad … like an egoistical jerk – yeah … so thank god for my 3 chapter / 10 % rule or I might not have read further …

As soon as the “present” story starts it feels like a 180 when it comes to Chris and that almost gave me a whiplash thinking there had to be more to his behavior … but what that is – you will only find out by reading the story and not from me (remember I am the women that tries to give as little as possible spoilers)

What I admired was that this story felt real. I mean if you take a look at the people you for example shared school classes with. I was shocked to find out that my first school kiss belongs to a guy that is now a catholic priest (and yeah I heard all the jokes about it) and another one of my school friends is a well known heart surgeon … So why shouldn’t you find one amongst your friends that became a famous actor ?

There was no glamour in that story – not that sounds wrong – . What I mean is that it was not sparkly shiny Hollywood fake. It was heartwarming and real. From their friendships, developing feelings, their insecurities to the inevitable loss.

I noticed that it seems to be the second book in the Silverweed Falls series. You will not notice this as it is perfectly readable as a standalone. Acting on Impulse introduces us to a bunch of interesting secondary characters so I would not be surprised to see them return in future books.

Strangely one of the secondary characters already has his story told in the first book (from what I read in the blurb). Yet in the second book I got the impression that the story of the first book did not yet happen or was just on the way of happening I am not 100% sure with the time line there but for reading the second book alone that does not matter. I guess only if you already read the first one it might feel strange.

Why not 5 stars ? well I felt with the characters but they did not go all the way in making my laugh or cry which is the top criteria for that star

Anyway – I am pretty sure I will pick up another book from this author if the blurb “speaks” to me so I feel good when I suggest this book to everybody who thinks the blurb might appeal to him and who likes a good Hollywood story with a bunch of REAL in it

P.S. to the Author … why am I smiling now when I look at the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy ?


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