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Title: Orion
Series: A Constellations Novel Book 1
Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau writing as Raeah Wilding
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2017 

When U.S. Marine Corp Sgt. Orion MacKinnon loses both his legs in the bloody sands of Afghanistan, he forsakes his soul along with them. After retiring to a remote location in the snowy mountains of Alaska with his Special Forces canine companion—a German Shepherd named Zeus—he becomes a recluse and vows never to wear the prosthetic legs he keeps buried out of sight…
until a lone hiker becomes trapped beneath an avalanche on his mountain.

The woman Orion calls Hope can’t recall a shred of her former life. As he tends to her wounds she slowly begins to unravel the tight seclusion he has wrapped around himself.

She can’t remember her past. He only wants to forget his.

However, the two have more in common with the forces that brought them together than they realize, including the sinister presence that will threaten their very lives.

When their pasts collide, will they survive the future?


I sleep on the floor in the bedroom now. I need to be there if she wakes up choking or gasping for air or for any number of other dangerous complications that could arise through the night.As I drift off tonight, something happens. Something new. Almost immediately, I’m dreaming.Dreaming of Hope.Some part of me remembers and knows she’s injured and in a coma—but here in my dream, she is very much awake.Very much alive.Reality and the dream morph together until I can’t quite tell them apart. Soon, the dream is as lifelike as anything.

Raeah Wilding (also writes as Allie Juliette) writes sexy, emotionally charged New Adult and Adult Romance.

She can usually be found daydreaming and writing about sexy, heroic, alpha males and strong-willed, intelligent women and plotting ways to make them
fall in love.

Allie is the USA Today Bestselling author of the
Brothers of Ink and Steel series and
the Amazon Bestselling True North series.





When I read the plot of Orion: A Constellations Novel #1 (Constellations #1)

by Raeah Wilding I was absolutely sure that I was going to love the story. It was so up my alley so it felt like a love at first sight with the Blurb.


But this being the first book of this author what I did not expect was that I had a really hard time to get into the writing style of the author. At times it felt like so opulent as if it came from the feather of an author that could write the next “gone with the wind” novel, which was weird in my world of contemporary romances.


I read a lot of books on the subjects that are in the focus of this book and while many are used in a away I would have expected them some are even better then I thought and more to the point. But on the other hand several things feel off to me. From those subjects that feel wrong there is a certain percentage that rubs me the wrong way and I can not even say way with some of them.


Its hard to express my thoughts without spoilering half of the story which is a no go. But they are tiny things sometimes like …. Melting snow for drinking water OK but then having a water supply for showering ? where is that coming from and don’t tell me it’s a rainwater tank on the roof. And this is just one tiny innocent for the story thing.


You see this is ME it’s the way that I am wired I can not turn of my mind and not think about the back information that is dropped on me while I am reading a story. When information is dropped my mind processes it, it gets evaluated and if I read a contemporary romance I expect, that everything around the characters is acting real or at least possible. Even in a paranormal novel I expect all subject that relate to a real world also to act and feel real.


And besides writing opulent this author is also generous on surrounding information. The reader gets tons of it. Where a short novel is missing on background the reader here almost drowns in it – do not get me wrong it is a good thing – basically. BUT … the more of this information you get the more you analyze it in relation to the complete story and here I felt like would be getting a massive hangover drinking all that info. Especially when some of these details feel odd.


There is a lot of good stuff in this story and much more than meets the eye on the first view. But for me it was the writing style that was not compatible with my reading expectations so I can not with good conscience give more than 3 stars. But another reader might feel totally different about it as it is not a bad story or anything.


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