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JERIS BOOK ATTIC RECOMMENDS : When a Gargoyle Awakens (Gargoyles #1) by E.A. Price


November 16, 2017

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When a Gargoyle Awakens

E.A. Price


Gargoyles #1


  September 11th 2015


Basically I liked the plot but the whole setting was a little to “Harry Potter” for grownups” for me

 Kylie Summers was an ordinary woman. Cheating ex-fiancé, job she hated, no love life to speak of… But after a drunken encounter with a stone statue, she suddenly finds herself with a gargoyle houseguest called Luc and a mission to free all gargoyles from a fate worse than death. But, just finding and waking Luc’s lost brothers and sisters is hard enough, there are those in the world who also know about the gargoyles, and wish to wake them for their own reasons. As Kylie and the gargoyle, Luc try to work together, they find that helping an entire race really won’t be that easy, but falling in love will be. But caution is advised as this is intended for mature readers 18+ only – it contains scenes of a sexual nature between an alpha male gargoyle and an accident-prone human.

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