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BLOG REVIEW : Heartbreaker (Hollywood Hearts, #2) by Belinda Williams


November 1, 2017

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Belinda Williams


Hollywood Hearts, #2


June 2017





WHEN LOVE IS AN ACT, WILL HER HEART BE FOOLED?Lena Lyons, one of Hollywood’s hottest female stars, has a celebrity problem: she’s too famous.Lena’s had stalkers before and figures the crazies come with the territory, but when things start going dangerously wrong on the set of her latest movie, her production company aren’t taking any risks. They hire Marc Romero, Hollywood security expert. And Lena thought stalkers were bad—Marc appears to hate his job and anything celebrity, including Lena.Still reeling from her divorce, the last thing Lena needs is a brooding investigator who won’t let her out of his sight. Worse still, his plan to protect her involves him going undercover as an up-and-coming actor and pretending they’re a couple.Lena has no choice but to get close to the mysterious man who won’t share anything about himself. With her life depending on her acting skills, she must convince everyone Marc’s the man for her. But will she be able to convince her heart it’s all an act?


The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the newest book in Belinda Williams “Hollywood Hearts” series was, how easy it was to misjudge the first book in that series because of its cover.


I remember seeing the cover for “Heartthrob” and almost not choosing it because the cover gave up a vibe that totally did not fit with the blurb and luckily it also did not fit with the story itself. So you – that you are looking at my review now and seeing this series for the first time. – Please start with book one (this book here “Heartbreaker” is book two).


These books might be readable as a standalone – but because of the truly awesome characters that are in the background of the first book and already have their own little story there you would not want to miss that part. And please do not underestimate the depth of the story because of the title and the cover. I know a fellow reader said the same thing.


She expected something different and not something this deeply developed. I honestly think that somehow the titles and covers of that series do not do the book justice to the actual depth of this plot. You might expect a simple Hollywood romance with tons of sweetness.


And while there is sweetness it is more “harsh reality” of the business that is shown that drew me into the plot. We already met the leading characters in the first book and their chemistry could have easily lit up a bonfire. Well actually it might have been Lena whishing that Marc would simply disappear and her anger at not being able to get rid of him.


Here in Heartbreaker we get to see a little more of the mysterious Marc. But I have to admit even in the end this character has not given up all of his mystery and I would not be surprised we get more of his mystery in the next book(s?). But its ok like this – I really like the way the author told Lena’s story. Despite the “Hollywood” subject written across it – the plot felt real. I was like I would expect this stuff to really happen.


I was a little angry at the plot twist and I hope its ok to say I would have wished that the stalker had been someone different. But in total I truly love the series and I can not wait to read more of it. And somehow I hope that the books might get a cover and title sometime that really helps to show their actual epth – they are not a light Hollywood romance – they are better.


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