Looking for a female roommate… Nope not going to work.

Men seeking a roommate – preferably female- for companionship. That just sounds wrong lol.

I’m gone a lot for work and need someone around the house. That screamed come and steal from me as I won’t know until you’re long gone. Lol.

Not so easy looking for a roommate.

Cash is lonely. After his divorce he now lives alone and although gone during the week the weekends are pure and utter torture. He has an unusual job. Hints were dropped here and there and yet it was unique. Kind of figured it out though. His job is beginning to get too much. Nearly going down a path that isn’t good that is until he has a ray of sunshine in his life.

I really liked Cash. He is everything I love in a Hero. Overprotective, an alpha, comes somewhat across as a geek, a softness with a spine of steel. He came off at times a tinny tiny needy but only because they were really important to him.

Jade has trust issues but that is one epic heroine. She has finally taken over the reins and although crashing on her friends couch or floor with her daughter she is getting desperate. So she answers an Ad that has gone viral. After everything she has been through she can still smile, laugh and do what is best for her child. She was made out to believe that it was all her fault but it wasn’t, she was a teenager.

I liked Jade but there was just times where she would stick her head in the sand. Yeah okay so we’ve all been there but she has to think long term. I’m also knit picking here again, her reluctance was justified to a certain extent.

The room `dis‘ Agreement is put into place. There are rules – don’t fall in love. He said he didn’t find her sexually attractive so I didn’t quite see how that was going to work out. But there was a nice slow build-up to their romance that made it all the sweeter IMO.

Why would a complete stranger okay maybe not a complete stranger, help? But at some point Jade begins to doubt it all. It does all sound so good to be true. But it’s her trust issues that make it hard but with Cash she overcomes them.

From the 4 star rating it is obvious to tell that I really, really, really enjoyed this read. Which for me is really quite surprising.

Ms. Harper didn’t write what I expected which believe me is really good. The blurb came off as light-hearted and fun but there is so much depth here that the story went above and beyond to what I thought I was getting into and that is what I love. When an author ensnares me, it just makes the book so much better.

This book is well balanced, there wasn’t too much humour, not too much drama all at once and yet there was grownup conversations which I get but kind of annoyed me at the same time. There is moderate amount of angst. No o/w or o/m drama. Hit it the spot for me. Bravo Ms. Harper!



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