Reading Ruin You by Molly O’Keefe was not my first rodeo with this author but I have to admit I had no Idea it was already the third book in this series called “The Debt”. Which proofs that even though the characters are connected it is easy to read as a standalone.

Obviously I like the writing style of this author or I would not have selected this book. As I already read 4 or 5 books from her.


But now lets go to the core of my thoughts and they are and honestly they are widely spread for once.

First of all and dear to my heart :  The setting … I love SF can not help it so I felt right at home. But when it came to the setting of the Paintbrush inn I could not help myself and my mind went to a place I know of that I love dearly. Everything about this Paintbrush Inn reminded me of the herb farm in Seattle right down to the food (just google it and check if you agree). So my mind already had the perfect setting for the plot


Second : And I have to admit dear author it took me a moment or two until I connected the dots. I loved the movies (and I mean the older ones not the one from 2017) dearly. So ones my mind finally found what it reminded me of the name Simon was almost TO obvious #laughing. Ok I guess not everybody can follow my line of thoughts here so I would like to whisper a line to give a hint “the Saint” …. Clearly its not THAT story but please admit there are some parallels at least I found them enough to be reminded.


And with all these warm feelings about the story I felt so far it was kind of hard for me to realize one thing. As the story went on I knew this thing there between the leads had to blow up at one point. Hey no spoiler here right ? But could I feel that the characters had enough going for them that their relationship would survive this ? And when I asked myself that question I noticed something strange.


It did not feel like an Insta love what they had. But it also did not feel like love to me. It felt like need and lust like a web of betrayal that can only be survived because both are equal partners in the same yet different crime. The story moved into the background for me at that point and I only wondered how this situation would be solved.


And I have to be honest for me it wasn’t solved. The story has ended but until the final end I am still not convinced that Simon and Penny were really in love. They were in lust for sure and they had something but even there I am not sure if they had chemistry or just a connection in their past that links them together.


Still I like the writing of this author and I will always pick up a book from her if the blurb appeals to me.



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