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BLOG REVIEW : Whole Again (Hometown Heroes #1) by Colleen S. Myers


October 29, 2017

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Whole Again



 Colleen S. Myers


Hometown Heroes #1


 April 18th 2017





John Lawrence loved Vicki Masterson his entire life. They grew up together. But it wasn’t meant to be.After John is disabled in Iraq, that couldn’t be more obvious. He struggles to start a new career while dealing with a prosthetic leg. Vicki recovers from divorce along with her own paralyzing self-doubt.Enter “Growing Strong” Vicki’s grandmothers landscaping business and a new start for both of them. Can they can get over themselves and their own insecurities to build a life together?


I feel really bad that I could totally not get into Whole Again (Hometown Heroes #1) by Colleen S. Myers. The plot sounded really good but from the first page on something was wrong with my connection to the story.

The two leading characters were not even remotely likeable to me. The only light in this tunnel was Grandma. And considering the plotline I am not sure what the authors intention was as this is supposed to be a series. The tiny air of mystery could not safe the plotline in my very personal opinion.

Especially the female lead was so “pale” from the blurb one would have expected a broken woman or a stronger woman for all the stuff she was supposed to have endured. But she felt like a college dropout that runs undecided through life to me. A girl trying to find her place.

So somehow, the age was a little off for me looking at her. John the male lead was not much better but at least he left more the impression of knowing what he wanted.

Just when it came to both of them it was like an “Oh wow we haven’t seen each other in ages and I haven’t thought about you for just as long – but now that I saw you by accident – I think I am irrevocably and unconditionally in love with you” – instant love and that is so NOT ME.


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