Starring Me and You (A Bad Boy Movie Star Romance) by Ella Bradshaw


October 13, 2017

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 Starring Me and You


 Ella Bradshaw


 A Bad Boy Movie Star Romance








‘Hollywood’s hottest star is out of control.



Nate McCoy is a bad boy through and through. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything and has broken more hearts than he can count. So why have they hired an inexperienced little Southern Belle like me to keep him under control? Because I’m the only one that can resist his charms.I’m not gonna be tossed aside like all the other girls. I’ll reel Nate in and save his career if it’s the last thing I do!




I don’t do relationships. I do passionate one night stands that leave them all begging for more. So what if a few hearts get broken in the process? That’s just part of the game.Then Darcy walks into my life and ignites a fire inside me like no one else. I’ll have her and use her just like I do with all the others…unless there’s something more to be had…


*Starring me and You is a standalone romance with no cheating and a HEA. Due to the adult nature of the book’s content it is recommended for adults only.*’







In true Colleen Hoover fashion let me start with a CONFESSION. I #CONFESS that lately I found myself truly reluctant to accept review copies of authors that have not yet published anything.


Why ? you wonder… because more often than not those others confused the request to review a book with the so called “beta-reading” or even worse the expected some sort of “editing”.


So it took Ella Bradshaw quite some convincing to bring me tor read her debut novel “Starring Me and You -A Bad Boy Movie Star Romance” I gave her some pointers that much I admit and I also told her she still needs to put an official Blurb to this book.


Because already for my review I need that Blurb to know how much I can tell about the storyline as I try to avoid spoilers at all costs. As that is still no Blurb let me work with what I can say for sure.


For a debut novel this book is really well done. I still found some typos in it but they were in a very obvious way so I am pretty sure that Ella will do her best to erase those as fast as possible.


The writing style is everything I would expect from a novel with that title and the plot can hold that promise. There were some “are you serious” moments for me and I think I had one “that is to obivious” moment too, when it came to the story development BUT only a few pages later Ella surprised me with a total different direction.


Like in one of those moments when you follow the show of a magician staring into the intended direction while suddenly something happens right behind you. And I admit there were also some of the “cliché” moments that you would expect in this kind of novel.


But I was totally fine with those. I am pretty sure this book will find fans within the community of “Hollywood/Actor Romance Novels”. The way it is now I would rate it with 3.5 Stars – showing 4 here on Goodreads.


The 0.5 is for the typos and the missing 5th star is due to the fact that I had no emotional outbursts (read my reviewing regulations for an explanation to that)


Anyway I can recommend this Book and I hope that the author will soon make the necessary changes and publishes it so others can enjoy it.



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