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BLOG REVIEW : Snare (Recoil Rock #3) by K.E. Osborn


October 20, 2017

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K.E. Osborn


Recoil Rock #3


 May 11th 2017





 Fear—it’s swallowing me whole. The worry is always there of people finding out my secret. But she knew. The second we were alone…. she figured me out. My life has been one catastrophe after another, people judging without knowing me. I’m rude, obnoxious, stubborn, but that’s all to hide the pain of my demons.The pain of my childhood. No one knows why I’m the way I am. Except for my twin, but even he doesn’t know the extent of my despair. No one knew until Zaria Shafir came into our lives. Oscar-winning A-lister and actress extraordinaire.She saw right through me—through the bravado, through the act—she saw me.The thing is… she’s just as good at acting as I am. The diva attitude she throws around demanding everything like she owns the world. I see through her, too.We both have demons in our past.Will they keep us from having a future?

 Snare (Recoil Rock #3) by K.E. Osborn is the third book in this series that I read and while I still like the writing style of this author in general I have to say that the plotline of the particular book felt different to me than the others.

I enjoyed the book and storyline in general especially also because I already know about the history and dynamics having read the previous books. I know you sense the BUT coming and here it is.

Sorry to say so BUT there was something off in the relationship dynamic between the leading characters. It felt like both of them were missing their backbone. The forward and backward without any real reason gave me a whiplash of the worst kind.

Especially when it came to the female lead. Not going to spoiler on the actual story, but when I am pissed at someone for saying or doing something that is not simply disappearing within 2 minutes.

And more often than not in this storyline I found dialogues where there was an argument – and the relationship was stopped from developing or was dissolved – only to be reset by simply one of the involved parties changing their mind.

“I think we should not be together” – “OK”

“I think we should be together” – OK”

Yeah I know there was more to it and this is exaggerated but when I was nearing the end this is really the way I felt they were reacting whenever a disagreement turned up.

And that bugged me because they were interesting characters in an interesting setting. So yeah I am giving 3.5 Stars (counted as 4) because they were interesting but still to be honest their relationship development got on my nerves and I can not say I liked it very much because I need my characters to have more backbone.

I can work with them being wrong and changing their mind but the question is how that is transferred to the reader. Still I look forward to the next book because not every book can be loved the same as the previous.

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