A perfect morning. A perfect husband. A perfect daughter. Yet all a perfect lie.

It’s not a romance but a mystery don’t let that deter you from reading it. It was exactly what I needed to read and is one of the most memorable books of 2017 for me.

I’m also going to be vague here as it is something you as a reader need to go into blind. I quoted the hell out of this book but it is nothing I can add without ruining. IMO at least.

Told in multiple POVs in the book in no way distracts from the book quite the opposite really it adds depth, perception and a gauntlet of emotions that can’t be defined. There are layers of fine layers of this story but can’t be fully understood by just reading it once.

What is life without love? What is it without young love? Where the heart is still raw, exposed, vulnerable, it burns the brightest, hits the hardest and touches the deepest.

I love the protagonist of the book she is real, she is selfish, she is bossy. But she is lost, she is strong, she is resilient. She is secretive, stubborn, fixated on her writing and socially inept. She is who she is and she makes no excuse of who she is.

But it is her time to tell her secrets.

The Ghostwriter of the book is priceless both for our protagonist and the reader. Not to be expected nevertheless a treat to read and experience. The friendship that develops between them is beautiful unlikely but a friendship that would have never occurred under the circumstances.

The more and more I think about this book the more it touches me. The more I think about what masterpiece has created and after letting it sink in for a while I’ve moved my rating from 4 stars to there are not enough stars in the universe to give to this book.

It’s not all tryst, depressing and grey there are moments were you will laugh. Happy moments of the past. Of going to the cinema. Of the baby calf. That pick you up again but in the end it will all be torn down.

Ms. Torre I can say that yes I do love the love, the sweat and emotions that went to every chapter. I love the protagonist. You have made her a character that you might love or hate but at least to understand her.

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