Only 2.5 Stars. What can I say? This ain’t for me. Shocker. But I’m being benevolent and rounding it up.

Every epic love story starts with a grand gesture.

This is an okay read for me. Nothing to write home about if I’m being honest. It is funny, heartfelt in places and well written. I was at least tickled pink that it is well written but I have to say this is no Wrecking Ball. I know I’m in the minority here.

The author informs us in the blurb of the following:

This little heroine has a propensity for prolific profanity. Our girl’s got a potty mouth and strong opinions. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you. If you have delicate nerves, this book is not for you.

And whereas I like all of the above in a heroine it took me the whole book to figure out what Amber Jones is.

She is self-absorbed. There I said it and I am not ashamed by it.  

It is all about her and the apparent or not so apparent choices/mistakes she has made in life. She is selfish and only looking out for herself. She has a half-sister? Yeah she isn’t really interested. She doesn’t want to be like her mother? Well sweetheart you are on your best way of going there. I didn’t get her issues. I didn’t see her problems. I felt some sympathy for her but the shite she just spewed? Yeah oblivious to me. IMO I would have left her sorry arse to rot in jail.

Everybody is probably screaming at me that is her coping mechanism that may be but at the age of twenty something she should have realised that kind of shite hasn’t gotten her very far in life. Now she is being charged for arson and living in the house of the guy who bailed her out.  

My advice to Ethan Vaughn will go unheard because dude you should run the fuck away. But no it is too late for that. He is everything a book boyfriend is meant to be and he saved the book pretty much for me. Oh, Cam and Cal helped as well.

But getting back to Ethan, E my man why? I’m pleading with you here man. She. Isn’t. Worth. It.

The funny moments and banter when she wasn’t being selfish kept me going admittedly I did skim in places. I enjoy slow burn but to date I have only found one author who can pull it off. I started it and hit the 8% and decided it wasn’t a book wasn’t in the mood for. So I stopped but I was in a strange mood and had no idea what to read so in the end I went back to reading it. My interested waned throughout the book.

It got to the point that I started watching Ninja Warrior and I rarely watch TV so you can see where I’m coming from here. I was fascinated by their muscles, holy smokes I was drooling.

To each their own. Please read it cause you know my opinion is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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