No Holds by TC Matson


October 3, 2017

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 No Holds

TC Matson











I lost the championship.The contract.My dignity.I’ve been offered a second chance.I’m back with vengeance.Determined and focused.I’m going to win the championship.Just when I thought I had it all planned out, she walked into my brother’s anniversary party. She’s beautiful, exquisite, and has a smile that makes me weak. I need to make her mine. Now I’m not only fighting to win the championship, I’m also fighting to win her.




My life was on track…until him. He’s not my type—an adrenaline junkie who enjoys inflicting pain on others for sport. Tall and tattooed with piercing blue eyes, he’s too sexy to resist.I didn’t see him coming until he was already firmly entrenched in my life.Suddenly, I’m falling head over heels for a man I realize I can’t breathe without.We’re in for the fight of our lives.And we both have everything to lose.






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