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October 21, 2017

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J.L. Berg



 May 1st 2017




  From USA Today Bestselling author J.L. Berg comes a sexy standalone about love, lies and every dirty little thing in between.It wasn’t just a job.It was my way back to the top.After losing my position as a journalist for one of the biggest news publications in the world, I knew I’d do anything to get it back.Even if it meant breaking a few hearts to get there. She was the hottest author in the country. Known only by a pen name, there wasn’t a person alive who wasn’t dying to discover her true identity.And I’d figured it out.Her real name was Kate O’Malley and not only did I plan on finding her, but I fully intended on learning every dirty secret she had and exploiting it for my own gain.But I underestimated my prey. I didn’t anticipate how her words would intoxicate me, or how the curves of her body would consume me.I never meant to fall in love. And now I had a choice to make. Do I give up everything for the woman I set out to destroy, or walk away, making me the biggest fraud of all?

  Actually I am not sure why, but the dynamics of Fraud by J.L. Berg were different from the usual romance novel. It might be because the author spend a lot of the time in the head of the “villain” and his activities were not a secret to the reader. It was only a question WHEN not IF the victim would find out about the fraud.

I could totally relate to the female lead and her position and I really liked the way the character was developed.But even though the author spend this huge time with the “villain” I somehow could not feel anything for him.

He was a blank for me I could not even be angry with him and I guess the reason for that was that the reader knew from the very beginning everything that was going on.

It was like the whole plot was already laid bare from the beginning somehow, which was not bad and well told but it left no room for developments, which I felt was a shame as the story was really good.

I don’t know enough about the world of journalism to judge if what he did made any sense just that it reminded me really more of a stalker than a journalist. Not sure if I felt comfortable with that approach, I guess if I as the reader would not have gotten that look inside his head he would have given me shivers just seeing him creeping his way near to her.

And I am truly not sure how or when he fell for her and that is actually my biggest issue here. But well I have a certain feeling that this is only ME being the odd one out there and that most other readers will enjoy this plot as it is – so just ignore me will you #laughing

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