Dane by Leddy Harper


October 15, 2017

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 Leddy Harper




 May 2017 







Dane Kauffman:


Rich, smart, handsome, and selfless. He’s content with the direction of his life, until the moment he stares into her green eyes.


Eden Clare:


Determined, headstrong, and independent. Searching for a job, answers, and a purpose, she has no room for anything else. Until she glances in his direction. Crossing paths, tempting fate—Dane must make the ultimate decision. Sacrifice everything to get what he wants, or to continue to be benevolent.






There are moments when being a blogger that is supposed to be reviewing a book is a really hard thing. When you check my reviews for Leddy Harper you will know that I really love her writing and all of the books I read so far received good reviews.




Being honest here is a really tough thing for me but I can not help myself and with a small tear in my eye I must give this book a review of only 2 stars. It is not her writing style or the development of the story – all of that was terrific as usual. And it hurts to admit that…


As I usually avoid spoilers I also will not make an exception here as it is a main issue in the plot BUT my problem is : A main issue of the story is not mentioned in the blurb. And this issue would have been a reason for me NOT to choose this book for reading.


BUT as it is now – I read it and I am between a rock and a hard place… as I can not undo that fact. Every reader has a certain thing he loves, needs or refuses to read in a book.


Like needing a HEA , loving it when the leading character is an alpha male or refusing to read about BDSM. And I am pretty sure my issue will also be an issue for other readers and it should somehow be mentioned in the Blurb to avoid people like me choosing this book.


Gosh – dear author I really love your books and I hope you forgive me for this… But when a book has a disclaimer that it contains explicit sex I as a reader can not complain about to much sex – its my problem if I choose it.


But in this case – given the Blurb I read – I would have never expected this issue to arise so please forgive me for not liking the direction of this story



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