Hard hearts break easy. It’s the soft ones that survive hit after hit.

I took a chance and it most certainly paid off.

One of the best things of being on holiday is that you can read all the books you’d thought you’d never have time for, eleven books later I realise that I can’t get around writing some reviews and The First Taste is one of those books.

I got a tip that this was free, I just read single dad romance and I one clicked it. Colour me effing impressed by Ms. Hawkins writing. My feeds were blowing up with this author but for the book Slip of the Tongue. That book is territory I don’t quite want to wade into just yet.

The writing truly is outstanding, yeah I know I sound surprised but let’s face it how many of us have taken a chance on a book and it hasn’t paid off? All of us.

I had a run of emotions on this book and was convinced that it could not be what I wanted to read. I was wrong.

The development of the relationship between the main characters was beautiful. They are both flawed and that is what attracted me the most. They have things they have to work on and they will do it together or not.

Andrew is an amazing father but he is far too co-dependent with this daughter. He is being encouraged to start dating again but he is unsure however a one night stand is an option.  He is one of the best book boyfriends that I have read in a while and I am very, very, very fond of him.

Amelia is a New York City gal to the bone. Her priorities are somewhat skewered. I didn’t like Amelia to begin with and I didn’t see the outcome of the couple’s relationship ending well but the more I read the more I noticed the subtle changes that Amelia was going through. I ended up liking her a lot.

Chemistry wise these two were off the frigging charts. I was all hot and bothered and had the tingles from head to toe. Even if under normal circumstances they weren’t another one’s type that is exactly why it worked.

This book is about honesty and that honesty should never be left out. About open communication and trust on all levels and hope. There is no right or wrong. There is no black or white. The First Taste is a book that touched me on all levels and a truly outstanding book by this author.

Thank you Ms. Hawkins and to Emerson for recommending it.

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