A gritty, suspenseful, a sinfully and insanely good paranormal series. A must read IMO at least.

Ms. Lake has created a truly unique series you can’t just get enough of. I was on the edge of my seat so many times especially towards the end of the book.

Calla is an Alexi soldier who was betrayed by her own people but saved by the sons of wrath. I liked Calla. She is strong and sassy yet has a certain vulnerability about her that didn’t get in the way of her doing what she had to do. She is also a mini martyr.

A chain of events has been set off where she has to save Logan’s life. Only virgin blood will do.

Logan one of the sons of wrath is not happy to be laid up with nearly dying and all that and at least of all feeling something with the annoying Alexi soldier where he embraces the numbness in full force. But with time and the feelings that he can be touched by Calla he starts to feel and he can’t leave her alone.

They don’t get off to the best start but with time they work together to find Zeke and so their love develops.  They is so much sick shite in the book and well at times it was so gritty but I just couldn’t get enough of all the characters.

My one complaint. What happens after with her being a sang? Or will that come later in the series? Left somewhat open ended.

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