Though I was born a bastard, I try to be a reverent one. -Gavin-

Gavin the oldest of the Wrath is in a spot of trouble well actually a lot of trouble. Being burnt by one redhead, enslaved by another and stuck in Obsidius, the underworld prison leaves him little time for him to contemplate things.

“Pack your bags, baby you’re on your way to Disneyland.” Definitely a female. “Who… are… you?” “Nola. I’m a Divine Matron to the succubi. You’ve been summoned for payment.”

Sabelle is struggling with life she has been dealt a real shite hand in life. Abused by her pimp Jeven. Slimy bastard. She has a shot at freedom get the chip with the names of everyone who is a succubus back from the lycan leader Lachlan. Oh, and grab his soul while she is at it. She needs a bodyguard. Enter Gavin, the heir of the underworld.

I felt sorry for Sabelle and her predicament. There is a big discrimination going on against succubus not all it’s cut out to be. Hard for those who want to live a normal life not to. She is a strong heroine, sassy and has a heart of gold especially when it comes to her kids. But she can also be somewhat of an idiot.

A fantastic addition to the story here although I didn’t like this one as much as the previous two. It just seemed to drag and it took me forever to read. A good 100 pages could have been easily knocked off here to my liking at least. Something is obviously wrong with me when I see all the 4/5 star ratings.

But for me personally there was just too much going on here. What with what was going on with Gavin and his soul being cursed by Jessica. Fighting for Sabelle’s freedom and everybody being out to get hold of Wade Jackson’s journal. A new brother thrown in the mix. A villain of epic proportions Vissual. Denya being kidnapped although that makes sense for Zayne you know?

Although I didn’t like everything I still highlighted a lot of quotes.

Again I still have questions: Will Daddy dearest show up? Now the plot with the Sang thickens what is happening. A warning of a war on the horizon. How will it continue?

The one thing that pissed me right off Ms. Lake. Comment if you want to know. 



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