Warning. Mini rant and I am in the minority here.

Sweet, sexy, adorable and funny read that made me want to face palm on the desk because… I’m just like that.

No seriously I have no clue what is wrong with me. I should know better than this that fluffy, rom-coms aren’t for me. But you just too make sure I’ve made the same mistake for about the two hundredth time. I predict it will happen again. Cause I seem to be an idiot.

The blurb sounded promising.

Single Mum looking for love? Check.

Cute kid? Check.

Interesting Hero? Check.

And yet I am utterly disappointed. With the plot, the characters but I do like her writing style.

Malcolm the Hero is perfect. He did anything he possible could to get to know Amanda/Mandy.

Amanda who is looking for Mandy Wells. Pet peeve? I am not a fan of the name but then again I am not a fan of Mandy. I only accepted her hang ups so much afterwards it just became to tiring to keep up with everything that was going on. I skimmed a lot of the things that Mandy was going through.

Some things were just so obvious. That I had eye roll problems and saw the back of my brain on numerous accounts. But this is just me. So pinch of salt peeps, pinch of salt.



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