Sweet, fluffy and full on insta-lust and love moments.

Maddie decides to go to a mountain retreat after the humiliating divorce from her ex. She finds a mountain retreat full of hippies but she also finds herself a mountain man.

Luke the mountain man rarely leaves his mountain but when he sees Maddie in a compromising situation he just can’t help himself and makes himself noticed. After a somewhat abrupt departure.

And so the sexcapades start. There was a lot of romping going on here. They say opposites attract and all they have to do is find the middle ground.

It is funny in places, I found it to be somewhat glossy but this is my first book by this author so maybe that is just her style. There was no real depth to the story but I still did very much like it. Easy and a quick read.

The previous book I read was the polar opposite to what I read here and the same applies to the characters in the book which did lift my mood up as the book beforehand well let’s not talk about that book.

If you like feel good, sweet romance with a hot mountain man then this is the book for you.




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