In the beginning, there was Zeus and he was horny…

This is a fun, engaging and totally awesome read and if you want to read a different take on how shape shifters came to be with some added mythical beasts then this is the book for you.

This book got me out of my book fun which is always a plus but at some point, the banter and the jokes were too much and took away what should have been spent on the plot of the story. The plot is good so don’t think it isn’t.

Throughout most of the book I was guessing what type of beast Lee could be, I even cheated and googled mythical beasts. I nearly got it but she is a kickarse heroine, being adopted by Hecate the Goddess of Witchery and living on Mount Olympus has its merits but Lee is fed up of hiding and wants to live life on her terms.

Lee is a hacker extraordinaire and a mercenary. She takes on one job and gets paid a load of money only to be hired the next day to undo what she’d done and to get paid for it as well.

Nik Spiros is arrogant, loves himself and his mane and shouldn’t have dated a hyena. But the again we all make mistakes. To his utter delight he meets Lee and can’t seem to forget her but he doesn’t quite get why Lee didn’t fall on her knees at his awesomeness. And he can’t let that sit on him.

Turns out that they are destined mates. Surprise. Her beast and the duality of what she is made it hard for her to accept a mate. But with testing him they were convinced that he was theirs.

Lionesses lead the Pride in this case it is Nik’s sister, Zoe who they cower in front of in a way it was hilarious but I was missing a certain alphaness from the Hero. Don’t get me wrong he is a great Hero but he was just lacking to be honest I can’t pinpoint it.

This is just me but why does a prophecy always need to be involved with a plot. I feel that it is done again and again.

Ms. Brann is a talented cookie and I can see this series becoming highly addicting especially with the well-developed secondary characters adding more depth to the book.

If anything, then the other reviews written with 4-5 stars are justifiable. For me it is that I am a picky, very picky reader. I recommend this book a hundred percent.


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