This is a good read and a promising start to a new series.

I’m just not sure that this series is for me.

I always hope that I will find a vampire series that I will love. I’m still working on that one.

The story flows well and there are exciting elements to the stories. The world building takes a while as there are three different vampire clans and at times especially when they were fighting I got confused. But with vampires there always seems to be a prophecy involved so that kind gets old.

As to the characters. Tendra is a strong heroine and she goes with the flow of the situation she is in and that she is vital to the Clan yet she fell in my estimation. She did something really quite idiotic. A TSTL moment.

Athan is a fantastic Hero, overprotective and gets attached to Tendra. They develop something that wasn’t meant to be. And go against tradition. I didn’t see that twist coming but it did add to the plot of the story.   


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