Title: The Life She Left Behind
Series: A Birds of Paradise Novella
Author: ChaShiree M.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2017 

When Fae left to find her brothers for help to get their sisters out of the cult that they all live in with their moms and dads, she never dreamed of finding a man that could and would make her feel whole.  Unfortunately when things are as calm and beautiful as she thinks they can get, the shadow of her father returns and Fae must tear her heart out to save the only man she will ever love.

When Ren stumbles across this innocent looking, beautiful young lady he never imagined that she would be the most precious thing to him and that she would also be his greatest torment.  Being the second to his fathers command in the Italian mafia in New York City he feels he can handle anything that comes at him.  What he did not expect is a woman who could keep up with all his sexual urges and fill his heart.  But now it is time that the secrets she has been keeping come out. He hopes the can help fight the demons in Fae’s past before she tears his heart out completely by disappearing again.

Beyonce-Who Runs the World

Aerosmith- I don’t want to miss a Thang

Adele-All I Ask

All of Me- John Legend

Maroon 5- Don’t Wanna know

Harry Styles- Ever since New York

Whitney Houston- Why Does It Hurt so Bad


ChaShiree M. is 34 years old.  She loves to write as much as she loves to help mold and mentor the new generation.   You can find her at home in Chicago chilling with her friends and family or trying to find the next book event to go to and fangirl. 


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