Review For The Beast and The Sibyl by AJ

The Beast and The Sibyl

A Prydain novel

By AJ Adams

75,000 words

Price $3.99

The Beast and The Sibyl is part of the

Prydain series and it follows Beast, a very dark romance. However, this novel

can be read as a standalone, and unlike the first novel it’s a paranormal



“We caught a

Beast! A real live poxy Beast!”

Bastards. Calling us beasts while they cheat, steal, and lie. I got
kicked in

the ribs, a whip laid about my shoulders, and all the time they were

“Hang him!”

“Beat him!”

“Kill the


Then I saw her.

She was standing there, staring right into my eyes. For a moment, I
thought I

was looking at a Valkyrie, one of Valhalla’s shield maidens. She had
hair the

colour of ice, and eyes as blue as the sky. Tall, willowy, and silent, she

looked unworldly. There was a wolf at her side, too.

I blinked,

expecting her to vanish, but it wasn’t a vision. She was real. The knowledge

hit me with a punch that sucked the breath out of me. She was one of us, a

Skraeling of Thule.

She leaned on

the wolf, controlling it with a touch of her hand. “Lady Freyja always

counsel before action.”

A Skraeling

woman who invoked our goddess yet who was a traitor. I was filled with

hate, poisoned by the thought of one of our own people contaminated by foul


If the will were

a weapon, she would have fallen on the spot. Instead, the world blurred

I think I passed out for a few moments because when I opened my eyes, he was

there. The Patriarch. A cheat, a liar and all-round scum

He certainly hates us Skraeling. “Glorious

Ullr will bring us wise counsel. And tomorrow we will flog the Beast to

him of his sins, and then we will burn him alive!”


He’s a vicious Beast, violent and
dangerous. Bliss

knows she ought to walk away. After all, she has a dark and dangerous
secret to

preserve. When she can’t leave him to burn, her rescue tumbles them both

danger, adventure and romance.

About the

AJ Adams is a Scottish-Dutch author

currently living in Malaysia. In her regular life she is a columnist and

feature writer. She works from home, where she is closely snoopervised
by cats,

Target, Guido and Swooner.

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This series isn’t for me. This is a continuation of book 1 but can be read as a standalone. The setup of the book like book one will not be for everyone.

This is all fiction and there is a lot of crossovers from various different times but here it was just too much for me. By contradicting myself here now it is well written and the author keeps a good pace of the characters and their development. But I didn’t like the characters. I am in the minority here so take my review with a pinch of salt.

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