After a week I still don’t what to write for this book. Ms. Ivy writes fantastic romantic suspense but this didn’t work for me and I’ll tell you why.

I found the characters hard to deal with. I found that were flat and that they didn’t actually like one another. There were several POVs which I found weird. The Sherriff’s Mike, Rylann’s the Hero of the book, Jaci the heroine of the book and the killers POV. At times it was hard to keep track especially when it went over to the killers.

There was also too much family drama when it came to Jaci’s family. That could have been cut back on.

The suspense is good as I didn’t guess the culprit. It is well written and in that aspect I did enjoy the plot but that doesn’t help with my indifference to the characters.

I like the author so I will read more by her.

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