A scorching new romantic suspense from Fiona Archer, author of the Sons of Sydney series.

Aidan’s a cop undercover in a dangerous game
Mercy’s surrounded by those he’s targeting
He hopes like hell she’s innocent
Even as he misleads her…



I really, really, really liked this.

In His Custody is well written with an introduction to the Shaw family which I can’t wait to read more about. Fantastic characters be it the main or the secondary characters. They are all likeable and I would like to read more about them all.

I enjoyed the plot immensely however what threw a spanner in the works was that Aidan lied. Yes, I know it was all undercover but still it rubbed me the wrong way.

Although Aidan is a good guy he is an alpha through and through and knows what he is doing. Well apart from teaching but he gets a handle on that as well. His first day is interesting when he bumps into the English teacher Mercy Jones.

Mercy is sweet and has a gentle nature. She has no idea that Aidan aka Sean Gallagher is looking into a drug problem at their school and that she is on the suspect list eventually she is removed but Aidan is already in too deep.

The chemistry between both Mercy and Aidan is hot as well as their banter and the feelings that they have for one another even if they both have a lot of demons in their past to overcome. I love that the plot didn’t stem from those demons but from something else.

My one complaint is that Mercy was too forgiving. I unfortunately know how to hold a mean grudge and I expect the heroines of the book to do the same.

Ms. Archer’s writing style always hits the spot with the books that she writes for me every single time. I didn’t see the twist and turns here which I enjoyed.

I would recommend this book.

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