Do your past mistakes define you forever?

Cruz Zaffino leaves prison after a serving a decade for a crime he didn’t commit. With his life all over the internet, there’s nowhere he can go to avoid his illicit past. Involved with one of Chicago’s toughest gangs, he made enemies bent on ruining everything he has. Nowhere is beyond their reach.

Every day, Rosie Marlow lives with the scars from the worst mistake of her life. It’s the one secret she has in her tiny, gossip-fueled town. When Cruz walks into her bar, covered in tattoos and dangerous attitude, she’s captivated. His rough sexuality makes her melt, and his harsh experience calls to her own broken soul. But her story is private and buried so deep, she’s never had the strength to share it.

She’s the unexpected light to his darkness, yet he knows she’s hiding something. Sultry summer nights in each other’s arms weaken her resistance and taunt her with the idea of forever. But as his adversaries draw close, can she love him enough to let him go?


Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future. – Oscar Wilde –

What a great start to the series. This was so good. It had everything that kept my heart beating. Well balanced angst, downright filthy with a side dish of sweet.

Cruz threw a dart on a whim to start a new life and landed in Sundown, Illinois. Population 782. A quaint town where everyone knows everyone.

He got a job, rented a house and could leave any time with no regrets. Just to start afresh. Trying to deal with ten years of prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He was exonerated. But those ten years are still gone. Things change when he goes out for a drink.

How in the hell had he been in this room for ninety minutes and not noticed her?

Rosie Harlow is the sweet country girl she works at the Sundown Bar and Grille. She’s taking life as it comes. And for the moment it’s going well until someone walks up to the bar. And for her things change as well.

Whoa. Her mind and body stopped. Froze. Her mouth may have dropped open. Because walking toward the bar, cutting path through the busy country cacophony, was a dark force of nature.

Despite the “don’t mess with me” attitude he is one of the good ones. The past stays no matter where you go. And for these two lovebirds it is no different. Rosie finds out about Cruz being an ex-inmate and being exonerated unfortunately from her brother but she still gives Cruz a chance.

Cruz realises that is path could have gone a different route. He dodged a bullet

Gang life, dodged a bullet. He is one of the good ones. A dark knight, an anti-Hero. He saves her and their lives become intertwined. Rosie has secrets and it is heart breaking what these two have gone through how they grow together and have something real special.

Ms. Kay got all the emotions spot on in the book. I love her writing style as well. She captivates you and pulls you into the story. Besides I’m a fan of small town romances everything has a slower pace.

I docked a star cause there were two things that I guessed that were going to happen. But it doesn’t make the story any less exciting and feel good as it was.

Book 2 – Shane and Becca Gable. And you know what? I can’t wait.




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