Attending Authors.

If you are book crazy then one of these events is the way to go.



I’m only going to mention some of my favourites. And some of my stellar moments and not so stellar moments. In no specific order.


Emma Scott

My first book by Emma Scott was The Buttefly Project and I loved it. I then saw that Sugar & Gold was on Netgalley and went for it. Both of the books I’ve read so far are amazingly beautiful. I couldn’t wait to meet Emma Scott. And the lady herself? She is so sweet and adorable. I got a big fat hug and a photo. One of my fondest memories. I have three more of her books to read so you need to watch the blog for the reviews. Click on the cover to check her out on Goodreads.


L.H. Cosway

When venturing into the romance genre. I’m pretty new to it. One of the first books I read was THe Nature of Cruelty. I loved the heroine and Ms. Cosway’s writing style. I then went on to Painted Faces and since then I am a fan. Her writing is one of a kind. She takes to main characters and makes them fall in love and for all their differences they shouldn’t they do. It shouldn’t work but it does. I was so nervous when I asked for her photo and got so flustered. And got tangled up in my cameras and bags. Serious problems peeps.


L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid

These two are absolutely awesome together and I can only recommend reading all three books and hopefully there are more to come. Fingers crossed. But I got to say out of these two authors Ms. Cosway is my favourite. I love her work and I will pick it over Penny Reid’s any time of the day, week, month or year. See the other books in the series.


Penny Reid

Everybody loves Penny Reid and I can see the apeal to her books unfortunately I have never gotten on with her books and I can’t pinpoint why. I’m actually mystified. But when I went to get her autograph anyway. I am impressed with her stamina. The queue for Penny was insane. She greeted every single person now that is what you call dedication to your fans.


Staci Hart

This is a retelling of one of my favourite Jane Austin books. Persuasion. Persuasion is so much more than Pride and Prejudice. This is truly outstanding. Staci is also a cool chick to boot. Now residing in the Netherlands cause you know you can write anywhere. I have to read more by this author.


Catherine Bybee.

This lovely lady was so welcoming when I went to her table. She was the second person I met and I was so nervous. She is also so tall. But that could have been the shoes. We had a nice chat and well she is a fantastic author. The Most Likely Series is fantastic. But her paranormal series? Absolutely brilliant.




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