New to me Authors

There were a lot of authors I didn’t know and sure I’d heard about them and I’d seen their books around but never got around to reading the books. Too many books, so little time. But here I will introduce some of the authors that are new to me. In no specific order.


Stacey Marie Brown

I’ve seen this ladies work and have posted promo for her but I got to meet her at RARE. I admittedly went to talk to her because a.) I was interested and b.) she looked so lonely with no one around. Sucker that I am but. I. AM. SO. GLAD. I. SPOKE. TO. HER. What did I end up doing? Yes buying a book of course. The first in the series and a paperback I have to start soon. 

A.M. Hargrove

I got to see this lady at the very end of RARE and another one I heard a lot about but never got around to reading. To date she has written a sports romance and teamed up with Terri E. Laine (yep haven’t read anything by her either) Here I acquired three books. I mean come on they were 15€ that means 5€ per book. An absolute bargain if you ask me.  

Lauren Rowe

The premise for this book sounds amazing. I thought I’d give book one a try. 

When playboy businessman Jonas Faraday receives a private note from the anonymous intake agent assigned to process his online application to an exclusive club, he becomes obsessed with finding her and giving her the satisfaction she claims has always eluded her, in order to fulfill his own desperate need for redemption.

Sarah: “When I read Jonas Faraday’s brutally honest personal message on his application to The Club—I practically climaxed at my desk. I’m an idiot to risk losing my job but I couldn’t resist contacting him. I knew my confession would be like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of his nose—but never in a million years did I think he’d actually hunt me down.”

Jonas: “I was shocked to get my intake agent’s email—I’d attached that note to my application on a whim, never expecting a reply from an actual person, let alone a reply as mind blowing as that. Her message was so alluring, so irresistible, I’ve been spiraling into a full-blown obsession ever since I got it. What’s her name? What does she look like? Finding her is my top priority.”

In The Club, what starts out as an innocent exploration of attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.

Mind due it is a six book. Yes six book series. So, it can also go horribly wrong. I’m up for a challenge though.


C.C. Riley

I’d seen her books around as well. She is really nice when I bought two books she gave me a free one. Yay. Got to say one thing though Thicker Than Blood is a zombie book with romance. I don’t do zombie books so the jury is out on this one.

S.M. Lumetta

I did some research before I went to RARE and this book looked very appealing to me.

 Lucie Gideon wakes up in a hospital, alone. Her family is dead and her home is gone, but she can’t remember a thing. She soon discovers, however, she can glimpse the future, and everything she sees seems to revolve around a mysterious man she’s never met.

Greyson Ellicott hasn’t been a part of normal society in a decade. As a contract killer, he’s learned to deaden himself so he doesn’t have to think or feel for anything or anyone. His carefully buried memory cracks open and reminds him of what he left behind.

When Lucie and Greyson meet head-on, destinies collide. Grey doesn’t want to care about—let alone fall in love with—the crazy girl who has visions of him, but she’s in the crosshairs of a murderer and he may be the only one who can save her.

Natasha Boyd

Jeri swears on this author! Me? Well I’m just going to have to find out now aren’t I?


Natasha Madison

I’ve read one book by Ms. Madison but I’ve decided to squeeze her in anyway. Besides look at this cover.

Nicolle Lynne.

I’ve been told book 1 will tear you apart but book 2 will put you back together again.


L.P Lovell

Written by the authors above but on the darker side of the romance spectrum. I’m a bit of a scardy cat. So I’m going to have to mentally prepare for these books if I do take the plunge.

A. Zavarelli

Let’s see if I like mafia books. It is always somewhat touch and go.










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