Royal Pain
Royal Pain by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This weeks book of contradictions is Royal Pain (His Royal Hotness #1) by Tracy Wolff. I am a reader always looking for flawed and deep characters and this plot seemed to be a source that would fill my needs.

Imagine my surprise at the first chapter where I actually rechecked if I had the right book in mind. The plot started so superficial that I was wondering if there was any depth to the male lead. And given the fact that the female lead was kind of thrown into the story with an instant lets call it “lightly” attraction.

Ahm well lets say I was starting to worry about how my review would look. And I have to be blunt and honest – I usually have a 3 chapter deal with myself. That means if a book can not capture me within 3 chapters … my review will not end favorable.

What saved the story for me was my need to find out something. So I read on and while I did that the male lead suddenly showed more of his character and received a new layer that I liked. So suddenly after a slow start the story got rolling as also the female lead showed a new side.

On the other hand the string that was actually leading the plot felt a little mysterious or strange? I am not sure what would be the most precise word. I was imagining a ton of things and my mind was spinning because of the fact that the title lets the reader assume there is more to come.

There was also a lot about those secondary characters – like the male leads security detail – that I feel would make great stories.

I was not fully satisfied at the end of this book but as my first impression of it was wrong too … we will have to see what the future brings.


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