Henry & Me
Henry & Me by Sasha Clinton
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Gosh I had just finished a book where the male lead was such a jerk that it hurt to read and I had to give up. Then starting this book thinking … with that title and it being a “Romantic Novel” what could go wrong.
It appears … A LOT….

In this case it is not the male lead but the female lead that is such a superficial jerk that it really hurts. I tried reading it like a comedy but I could not keep my mind on this focus…
Let me think a moment if there was one character in that storyline that I liked …
If I had to choose than maybe Henry would be the remotely most likeable person.
But even he was shallow – sorry.

And in comparison to the previous book with the male lead that was a jerk I can not even say that the storyline of this book was good. Because (sorry to say it so blunt) it wasn’t.
Or at least it wasn’t really well developed and nothing felt believable


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