Billionaire's Amnesia
Billionaire’s Amnesia by Claire Adams
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I really liked the story idea of this book… and unfortunately well – that’s about it when it comes to the positive aspects of this book. With some mayor revisions, this might actually be an enjoyable story. But the way it presents itself just now it’s kind of painful to read, which is also the reason why I did not finish it.

Besides other smaller issues – the worst thing for me was that there really seemed to be nothing even remotely human or redeeming about the male lead before his accident and all this is thrown at the reader as the “FIRST impression” page after page right at the beginning. And as we all know how important those first impressions are – in this case the reader is really influenced to not only NOT like the male lead but like in my case honestly DESPISE him.

And while there might be an author out there working magic with his writing style and therefore be able to recover his lead from that cliff. It absolutely did not work in this case. The whole story stayed too superficial for that.

Had the story started in any other way …. Like in a NOW and THEN storyline with glimpses in the past to reveal why people felt the way they did about him it might work out with this writing style but as it is now – it is a lost case….


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