Still the mind. Still the soul. Still the heart.

Kyra, one of the oldest Kareshta is in a gilded cage and the time has come for her to spread her wings and fly. Sent to Thailand on a mission to help others in her situation in return the they will help their fellow Grigori.

Kyra might seem demure but she is far from it. She has an inner strength that would rival any Irina. As the daughter of a cardinal angel she has her own powers but The Silent are still trying to find their voices. The Irina are skeptical to pass on the knowledge they have. The Rending broke a lot and it will take time to heal.

I had my difficulties with Kyra but through her development throughout the book she really started to stand out. I liked her and then I loved her but torn at the same time. She wanted to live the life she has to the fullest but she is on borrowed time.

Leo is sent to Thailand to open up communications between the Thailand Scribe house and the honorable Grigori. Finally, to his surprise he can get closer to Kyra.

Now Leo on the other hand I love Leo. He knows exactly what he wants. Kyra. And no one can stop him. He is badass with a soft and gooey center. He is absolutely adorable. I want my own Leo.

“I’m very large,” he said. “Damian says if I’m not thinking about it, I can mow through a room like an enthusiastic tank.” Kyra smiled. “I’ve never felt mowed down.” “I’m glad.”

Be still my beating heart. I wanted to wrap him up in a big bow and take him with me.

Leo & Kyra have been on a collision course for years now and the inevitable is finally happening. Each love that is created by Ms. Hunter between the main characters of the book is beautiful, unique and wonderful to experience.

Kyra is other. Leo’s heart ached for her. They try a relationship and although they are different it works. They are both vulnerable and inexperienced. Although though they are so different. Leo comes across as naïve but he is just very optimistic.

Throughout most of the books we made to believe that the Grigori are evil very few manage to lead an honorable life. But here a balance has been achieved. And I sympathize with Kostas, Sirius and the other honorable Grigori.

Beautifully written. Flawless writing and absolutely stunning. With each new book Ms. Hunter expands the Irin/Grigori world that flows well and isn’t stilted. That the possibilities here are endless. What I love about these books is that there is no other man/woman drama there is no room for as they are either mated or Reshon.

One of my favorite side characters? Vasu. There is something quite childlike about him but also mature if that makes sense. He talks in riddles and is hilarious.

“I’ll let Kyra know you’re thinking about helping her brother,” Leo said. “I’m sure she’d be grateful.” Vasu disappeared and reappeared as a cat that jumped on Leo’s lap. “You try to create obligation in me. It’s an interesting theory. I told them you were smarter than you appeared,” the cat said, curling up on Leo’s lap. “Now pet me.” “Are you serious?” Narrow claws dug into Leo’s leg.

What is to come next? What I would like to see? A Grigori male and an Irina. But I’m positive no matter what Ms. Hunter will knock me off my feet.

I do have one small thing to complain about. I hope that the plot will not be a constant throughout other books that are too come. Not that I don’t love her plots I just don’t want the author to get stuck in a rut.

Oh, and another thing when we introduced to Kenneth I swear that I heard his British accent in my head. Exactly what a Brit should sound like.



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