Last year I decided it was time that I took my reading obsession to a whole new extreme. It was time for a book convention. I wasn’t sure to begin with because I did want to go by myself. In the end, I overcame my reluctance and bought a ticket.

I was excited and nervous all at the same time. And the preparations were starting with all the other attendees. Now, I’m a bit slow when it comes to some things and I thought that I would have time. I may have been somewhat wrong. My real preparation started about two months to a month before the convention.

There were so many authors attending who should I read? Who shall I pick? Oh, look at all those pretty books. From that point, onwards everything seemed to have gotten out of hand. Ah I was wrong.

Welcome to my four-day experience in Berlin.

Day 1 – Travelling to Berlin.

We booked flights to Berlin from Cologne. We also decided to take the Mother in Law with us well the hubby did so he wouldn’t be left alone on convention day. Well boy was I regretting that choice because….

Bless her cotton socks she is 70+ so she has some leeway to be cray cray but she drove me bat shite crazy. To thinking she knew the tram systems better than we did. To saying that the dot on the map for the trams/trains and underground were wrong. I mean the dot is the least of our worries.

There were times I felt as if I was in hell because they were just so inexperienced when it came to travelling which I didn’t get but then again, I’ve travelled a fair amount.

A couple of years ago we went on holiday together and amnesia must have kicked in for some reason because I forgot the shit she usually says but it came back to me on that day.

The hubby was happy that the flight went well he doesn’t like flying but I was stuck between them like cheese in a sarnie. By the time we landed in Berlin I was irritable I am not nice when I get irritable. Just sayin’

We dropped all our stuff at our accommodations and then decided to hit the city. Berlin is truly a beautiful city and worth a visit. You’d have to go more than once or stay longer as it is worth it.

After walking 11 km we went back and hit the hay.

Day 2 – Anniversary in Berlin and sightseeing. I’ll give you the shortened version.

It rained a lot.

I found a toilet dirtier than the one in Southampton. If you want to hear that trip then leave comments below 😉

The hubby made me walk a lot not that it bothers me but with him willing wanting to take the bus. He hates public transport. I was beginning to hate him. Just sayin’

We went to the Hard Rock Café (I didn’t think it was all that spectacular) Buying overpriced t-shirts that are so touristy that you can’t wear them anywhere? Yeah not my thing.

We saw most of the tourist attractions. I didn’t get to see Checkpoint Charlie but as I said my feet hurt.

Then it was mental preparation for RARE #17




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