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The Blueberry Lane has been one of my favorite contemporary romance series. And with each book that I read I fell more and more in love with the characters. I was smitten with all of them (well mostly all of them) but it was like coming home to a tight knit group of friends.

Katy continues to go on and say:

And I loved them.

I loved the world of Blueberry Lane so much, in fact, that I ignored the dwindling sales and comments on posts about the series being “too long” or “so intimidating.” I loved it so much, I planned nine more books even though I could see that books 15 and 16 weren’t really selling as well anymore. I loved it so much, I had covers made that would carry me through to book #21. But eventually – today, in fact – I forced myself to open my eyes and run the numbers. And it was…well…painful. Super duper painful. The same series that placed me on the New York Times bestseller list is no longer in demand. Not by a long shot. Not at all.

It’s a bit of a blow to my ego, sure…but more importantly, it’s a blow to my finances. And while writing is a creative passion for me, my royalties pay for my children’s education, and I can’t put that in jeopardy.


I can see it that it is a real blow to the ego. What as an author did you do wrong? Well Katy let me tell you something. YOU didn’t do anything wrong. You did it all right and gave all the women who have a heart of romance a place to come home to and read beautiful stories were everyone gets a happily ever after.

The Blueberry Lane Series


Five billionaire brothers and they aren’t the usual billionaire they are down to earth and I loved them all together. They fell in love, dropped like flies and all had a half that was a match made in heaven. I picked one of my favourites but they are all good.

Anyone but Alex

So I enjoyed Breaking up with Barrett and Falling for Fitz but I loved anyone but Alex. Ms. Regnery was kind enough to gift me this book. Hey what can I say? She loves me ;-). There is one thing that I felt that wasn’t mentioned so I have to take away half a point. 4.5 Anyone but Alex loving Stars.

Alex is a womanizer, a man-whore, he is the professor of love. He loves women and women love him. But lately he has been feeling empty and envious of Barrett and Fitz. Maybe sleeping around and having fun isn’t what it seems to be. While picking up his “date” for the evening he meets Chris Winslow and the grown up Jessie Winslow.

Jessie Winslow moved to England when she was a child but Alex had a special relationship till then. Although there was a six year gap between them he looked after her and played with her especially after the death of her father. Jessie has always had feelings for Alex and they have only intensified. All her brothers warn her against Alex. But she sees something no one else does. Friendship is offered and Alex doesn’t know how to be friends but he does try. At an event where they dance outside under the stars, Alex pulls out some of this best cheesy chat up lines.

“Are you an interior decorator?” “Because the whole room got more beautiful when you walked in.”

“I wasn’t staring at your breasts.” he insisted. “I was staring at your heart.”

“Of all my favorite curves on your body…Your smile is my favorite.”

I adored Alex because deep down he was very vulnerable and knew that something was missing in his life.

Jessie knew exactly what she wanted and with meddlesome brothers she still stuck by her guns. Jessie was so good for Alex and she is beautiful, sassy and could hold her own.

There is drama in this book but it isn’t dragged out and there is no overreaction on both parts. Sometimes it isn’t that easy to practice what you preach. But they get there in the end. The one thing that irritated me and that is why the book didn’t get the whole 5 stars is that Alex never explained to Jessie why he was a commitment phobe.

There used to be something wrong with Alex English. Until one day, he met the right girl. And all of his dreams came true.


So we met the Winslow Brothers in the book “Anyone but Alex” and I ran straight tó my Notebook and asked Ms. Regnery “Will they get books as well?” Praise the Lord my wishes were heard.

Bidding on Brooks

Bidding on Brooks is the first one in The Winslow Series.

Brooks Winslow, ex-Olympian who only came in third is in a bit of a bind. He is being auctioned off by his sister for a good cause. A week cruise either with Felicity or with his oldest friend Skye from the marina.

Brooks sure does know how to open mouth and insert foot.

Skye Sorenson had a crush on Brooks since she was 10 years old and faced the fact that they were only ever going to be friends. That is until Brooks needs a favour. He convinces Skye to go on the cruise with him and lets her skip.

Skye reluctantly agrees but does it anyway. Skye had her dream knocked down by her boyfriend/ex. She pressed sent.

I really liked the chemistry from friends to Lovers although it was an unlikely match, so they thought. They had more in common than expected.

Brooks has been looking after his siblings since their father died at the age of 40. He is worried about his mortality. So he has denied all attachments.

Skye has her own past to deal with. But they get there in the end.

This is very well written and I enjoyed every moment of it.


Did you fall in love with The English Brothers? Were you hot for the Winslows?

Katy Regnery’s Blueberry Lane series continues with The Rousseau siblings!


J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis

4 finally more substance Stars.

It started with a painting and led to a love they both never expected to happen.

This is my first impression of J.C. in the book but he has several epiphanies throughout the book and my opinion of him changes at the end of the book…. Want to know how? Read my review and then you’ll find out.

J.C. is a pig at the beginning of the book when we meet him at Kate’s wedding. He has a specific type of woman – big tits, hips and well I won’t be crass. But it ain’t pretty this alone made me want to throat punch him. He is a pig.

If the best man and the maid of honor are both single, thought J.C. Rousseau, taking another peek at Kate English’s best friend, Libitz Feingold, it’s practically an unwritten rule that they should pork. And if anyone was in dire need of a good, hard, thorough fucking, it was Mademoiselle Feingold.

Libitz Feingold. Kate’s best friend. Maid of honour. Classy, sophisticated and brilliantly smart is no prude and she has found her match in J.C. But will the battle of the wills lead to something more? But it can’t be just some random fuck. They are family now. They will both be godparents to Ten & Kate’s child. I found Kate to be very judgemental and selfish towards Libitz and Jean Christian although it probably was due to the hormones.

First impressions I’m afraid do count.

“Hi. I’m Libitz Feingold, Kate’s best friend… and it’s not cold enough.” “What?” asked J.C. feeling completely turned around. “It’s not cold enough in hell for me to fall for someone like you,” she said then shifted back around to talk to the person on the other side. Well, fuck me, thought J.C.
Libitz Feingold instantly judges him although everything she says is true. The Rousseau charm didn’t work. You’re going to have to work for it. They both have more in common then they want to have. They are both lovers of art.

Passion was art. He loved it. He fucking loved it. It was honest. It was raw. It was ugly. It was beautiful. It was the one time he let himself feel. It kept him safe.

He had conditioned himself to be in a relationship no expectations, assumptions, and no feelings. Just two consenting adults. I got it. He was the alibi for his father’s infidelity. How can a parent do that? I get where he was coming from but he is just so callous with other people’s feelings. But he is coming to realise that things can be different. But he has to deal with not disappointing the people he loves. And that the chance of forever is a choice.
There are no guarantees it is a choice to love someone. L’ chaim tovim, a good life.
J.C. sorry Jean Christian at the end of the book was……
A man worthy of love. He learnt what he wanted and that some things that needed to be changed. His love for his family and friends helped him especially getting closer to Libitz. They are both in unchartered waters and that is what I really enjoyed about their relationship they are just oblivious in how to lead a relationship but they do a good job in getting there.
The mystery of the painting is solved…. I would post the perfect quote here but I won’t so read it.

I am a huge Katy Regnery fan but her last two books in this series have not been for me. There was a lack of substance whereas here it was the opposite. The mystery of a painting of family resemblance. That leads to a trip to France. If this had been another glossy book I feared that the Katy I know and love had lost her spark. Thank God she hasn’t I would have been devastated I didn’t want to miss another auto buy author. Let alone let her talent go to waste. I’m mean this all in the nicest way possible.

Last but not least…

For all the wonderful books that you have written and all the books you are going to write. It seems daunting at the beginning but you will go you’re way. I know that it will never be the same and for us readers it won’t be either.  But I understand where you are coming from and it we all work out for the best.



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