What would happen if one day you woke up and discovered the last five years of your life were just a dream? That the boy you loved and lost never existed?
If you can’t trust your senses to understand what is real and what is not, how can you lead an even apparently normal life?

Diana has lost five years of her life. She can neither change the past nor erase the scars it has left, she can only start over again. Create a new identity for herself, find new friends, a new goal, and hide her secret from everyone.  
No one would ever imagine that behind her perfectly matching clothes, her quiet determination in her studies, and the ability to bake delicious cakes, there is a fear she has a hard time concealing. Not even Sebastiano, the TA of the Japanese course Diana is taking.
When he looks at her, all he sees is an attractive girl, with the prettiest grey eyes he’s ever seen, but when she looks at him, she sees what she has been desperately trying to put behind her. She sees a nightmare that makes it impossible for her to sleep, a pain that has changed her forever, and she never wants to feel that pain again. Love is a risk she doesn’t want to take, but the choice is not in her hands alone, and being bold may be the only way for her to achieve a goal of which she has never dared to dream.
Booktrailer of Dream Walker: https://vimeo.com/220037948
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