The Rain Never Came
Author: Lachlan Walter
Genre: Dystopian Fiction
Print ISBN: 978-1-922200-93-8

About The Rain Never Came

In a thirsty, drought-stricken Australia,
the country is well and truly sunburnt. As
the eastern states are evacuated to more
appealing climates, a stubborn few resist
the forced removal. Th ey hide out in small
country towns—where no one would ever
bother looking.

Bill Cook and Tobe Cousins are united in
their disregard of the law. Aussie larrikins,
they pass their hot, monotonous existence
drinking at the barely standing pub.
When strange lights appear across the
western sky, it seems that those embittered
by the drought are seeking revenge. And
Bill and Tobe are in their path. In the heat
of the moment secrets will be revealed, and
survival can’t be guaranteed.

The Rain Never Came Press Kit

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