Tailspin by Jaimie Roberts
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Not so much a review – more an explanation of why I did not like this book.

There is nothing wrong with the writingstyle of this author, infact it is pretty good. If I would say something negative concerning that it would only be that I did not know that this is a DARK romance going into this book.

And that is actually the reason that I can not give a good review. Because if I had known this fact I probably would not have chosen to read this book. But what’s done is done and can not be undone.

Therefore this book really pushed some serious hardlimits with me of which I do not have many

I can not name them because then you would know to much about the story. Just believe me this is not for lovers of fluffy romances but I assume lovers of dark romances will like this book


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