Start Over
Start Over by J. Saman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There was a lot that surprised me about this book and one thing I could not get over. Let’s start with the obvious thing that is no secret from the blurb. Its the one thing I could not get over – that was the instant attraction that sparked between the leads.

It bugged me – the author placed so much feelings into this novel that this instant attraction did not fit into the plot somehow. It might have if it had been introduced differently but the way it was done did not work that well with me, which is why it ended at 4 stars in my rating .

After I was struggeling with this instant elements I was surprised by the depth of development that followed. There were a ton of struggles for the leads in general. And the baggage Luke carries is not easy to swallow that is for sure.

Yet both characters get a second chance and they will make use of that chance, it will not be without hurt and they will need to work their way to a mess of their own creation as well as a mess that is out of their hands.

Some revelations will shock you – well at least they shocked me – others are to be expected when you follow the plot.

There were moments when I wished for a little more background on what was happening and why but for the most part the story is well developed and written.

Therefore I can definitely recommend this book for lovers of second chances that do not hesitate to stick to their leads even if the road gets rough


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