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What if the man you love hated you more with every breath he took?

SHATTERED KING is an intense, ultra-sexy standalone novel set in the world of the Lawless Kings. Sherilee Gray’s raw, hard, beautiful, deeply-emotional voice will leave readers breathless.

“Shattered King is a sexy, beautiful second chance love story… a truly enjoyable read.” – Sawyer Bennett, New York Times bestselling authorHe’s out to get revenge for a crime he didn’t commit…

Hunter King just got out of prison. Incarcerated for three years though an innocent man, his rage against the people who put him there knows no bounds. First up on his list for vengeance: the woman who betrayed him years ago. The woman he loved fiercely, the one bright light in his otherwise hard, ruthless life. She has information he needs. And he’s going to kidnap her, hold her hostage, in order to get it. But one look into Lulu’s eyes unleashes the true beast within. Hunter’s never hated anyone this deeply, or wanted any woman this badly.

Lulu had no choice: Either help send Hunter to prison, or see him destroyed. She couldn’t do that to the man she loved. Couldn’t do it to the father of her child. But Hunter was locked away before he had a chance to learn about his son—and a hard layer of despair has formed around his heart that she’s desperate to crack. And if Hunter is to give himself and Lulu a second chance at love, he needs to find a way past his darkest demons.

3.5 whiplash stars

I just finished this book and I’m all over the place. In some parts but in a good way and in others not so much.

I requested the book because of the cover and then I read the blurb. I was all for it. I mean peeps look at that cover it is worth a mention.

I also never ever thought that I would say this but there was far too much sex in the book. I felt exhausted and drained because they never got to the point where they needed to talk about shite, they’d just screw each other’s brains out. The sex outweighed the emotional bond that I wanted to see with them. We’d go one step forward and then three steps back.

There is a high amount of angst in the book which I enjoyed but there was also a lot of unnecessary drama in my opinion. But in saying that I also enjoyed the pace of the book. I’m contradicting myself here in so many ways.

Let’s talk about the main characters in the book.

Hunter King grew up in a home filled with abuse. He came out of it stronger. He met Lulu and wanted to change his life around until a choice was made that he didn’t understand at the time. Three years later his demons are still keeping him chained.

While on a job his past catches up with him and blinded by anger he takes things to our heroine too far. IMO.

Lulu lied to save Hunter and ran to save her unborn child. It was the right thing to do although it cut them both deep. She is back in New York as her mother is dying. Her past with her stepfather is truly appalling and I have no words to convey the sickness I felt when it came to that particular part of the book.

They say there is a fine line between love and hate and I agree but the way Hunter treated Lulu was despicable. Their bodies wanted one another but their minds didn’t. It didn’t always feel consensual. This is just MY OPINION. When the truth comes out Hunter does a 180 so yeah bipolar. I’m not trying to ridicule bipolar people here. K? Although he made up for a lot of things I just couldn’t have gotten over it.

Lulu should have told him everything sooner, the trickle of information that came was always a little too late. She isn’t to blame for what Hunter did to her but it all could have stopped if she’d said something sooner. No matter if they all hadn’t believed her. Maybe she felt as if she deserved it.

All in all, I enjoyed the book, the author does an excellent job of captivating you. It is gritty, raw and hard to take in places. Her writing style is good. A solid start to the series and I will read the next one.

There are strong themes in this book that contains violence, abuse and attempted rape. It won’t be for everyone.


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