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Life was great.

I loved my bachelor life and working my dream job with the Colorado Springs SWAT team.

That all changed the day I stepped into her bakery. Her smile swept me off my feet, and her panna cotta was heaven.

Cue my very traditional Greek family.

Then all hell broke loose.

The woman I was falling in love with was Italian, and my mother was hell-bent on proving to the world she was the better cook.

If my meddling family wasn’t bad enough, for the last six years Gabi had been on the run from a past she tried desperately to escape from.

Between a beautiful woman on the run, and a crazy family constantly in my business, would I be able to show her I’m the only one who can keep her safe … or will her past steal her away from me?

Spoiler Free

4 Big Fat Greek crazy arsed family Stars.

For my next read I needed something uplifting, entertaining, and on the funny side. Only with Me covers all those points and more.

Nic is a happy bachelor has his dream job being a SWAT Team member. Enjoys his lifestyle until he goes to a cute Italian bakery and is thunderstruck. For all of Nic’s man whoring ways I liked him. I liked him a lot. He oozes charm but not in a smarmy way. He is possessive when it comes to Gabi.

Gabi has decided to settle down after being years on the run she has made Colorado Springs her home. She has a bakery with her roommate Charity. By the way some of the stuff she came out with was absolutely hilarious. All is going well until Nic walks into Gabi’s bakery. It reminded me of the Thunderbolt from The Godfather where it struck them and they couldn’t do anything to stop it. She wants to stick to the plan but the lies are becoming unbearable.

Nic is smitten and Nic has never been smitten.

The moment you meet her, Nic, you’ll know. Your breath will catch, your chest tightens like a vice clamped on it, but it’s a feeling you so good you want it to last forever.

You know what they say about Greek men. No? Let me tell you.

They are sex gods. Sex. Gods. Alpha’s in and out of bed. Slightly possessive of their women, which is hot as hell. And they can’t keep their hands off their women. Always feeling them up.

I love reading books about families and siblings. To date the boisterous Irish families are my favorites but the Greeks are coming in as a close second. Especially Greek men

I found Only with Me to be captivating and magnetizing. A delectable, funny read with awesome characters and a story that worked really well.  

My, my, my, KE sure can write some filthy, dirty mind blowing sex scenes. But equally brilliant is the romance and sweet moments they have together. Let’s not forget the Greek nosey as hell family. And the banter in the family. 

I read a book by this author a very long time ago. It was a mix between YA/NA but this book? Worked on all levels for me. KE captivated me with her writing style her attention to get that happily ever after in with all the bells and whistles. 

Unfortunately, there is one part in the book where I’d wished that it had been different. Gabi has a past, a past she has to lie about to protect herself and her family but in this instance, she should have just been honest and should have told him. Instead he thinks that she has a lover in Italy I would like to add. He wasn’t thinking straight on that one. Follows her to Italy sees something which is misinterpreted does a runner and then out of spite says he’s seeing a former fuck buddy might I add this is on the phone.

With honesty and communication, the MC would have been spared both the grief and agony they put one another through. Thanks to friends who have their heads screwed on right.

My verdict if you are looking for some angst, fantastic banter and an unexpected plot and crazy arse family. With all the Maria’s, the cook offs, Greek vs. Italian than this book is for you. It gets my vote.

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