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The Gravediggers aren’t exactly what they seem. They’re the most elite of the world’s fighting forces—and all they have in common is that they’ve been betrayed by the countries they’ve died for. Because they are dead. To their country, their military, and their families.
Sometimes the dead do rise….

Miller Darling is one of the most popular romance novelists of her time. Not bad for a woman who doesn’t believe in romance. She’s as logical as they come, and she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters. What she does believe in is family, so when her brother disappears, she doesn’t think twice about packing her bag and her laptop and heading out to find him.

Elias Cole lived and breathed the life of a Navy SEAL. Now he’s “dead” and his hero’s honor tarnished. The only thing keeping him sane are the men who are like him—The Gravediggers—and the woman who makes his head spin. He’s never met anyone like Miller Darling. Her smart mouth and quick wit keep him on his toes, and damned if he doesn’t find that appealing.

When Miller receives a package from the brother who abandoned her asking for help, it’s clear she’s in over her head with the mess he’s gotten himself into. She needs a professional, and Elias is just the man for the job. Only her brother is a former SEAL—the man who left his team to die—and Elias is more interested in vengeance than saving his life.

This is more my kind of book much better than book 1.I enjoyed this book a lot. Strong plot with some mystery in it and really strong characters.

Miller Darling romance author. She is Tess’s best friend (book one) and in Last Stop she is the town eccentric. She lives life the way she wants to and also lives more in her own world and the world that she writes in then anything else.

I liked Miller but at times she whined when there was no reason to whine. There were some life and death situations and she started rambling about random shite and that she wanted her laptop. Woman you are on the run how do you think that you are going to write one word let alone finish your book. But she dealt well with the hand that she was given and is a solid heroine in my book.

Elias is a Gravedigger, he died only to be reborn again. It was never planned to what happened to him but some choices are taken out of our hands. He was setup and branded a traitor all thanks to Eve just to get him on the team. As a Navy SEAL he is the best of the best.

He wants revenge so although the chemistry is off the charts between our two MC his plan is to get rid of Eve Winter. His main and top priority. He tries to walk away from Miller as he doesn’t want to have the added complication of a relationship.

Miller gets into a spot of bother thanks to her brother Justin who has taken on the family legacy. Finding King Solomon’s treasure there is only one small problem. It’s in cartel territory and you don’t mess with the Black Widow and Emilio. Justin although also a Navy SEAL decides to do just that. He is fanatical about his quest for the treasure.

The banter in this book is stronger than in the previous one. I think that due to the characters being different I preferred the vibe that was given off here. A very long time ago when I was younger I watched Romancing the Stone, that film from 1985 with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. It had some strong vibes in relation to that. I loved that film.

Ms. Hart has a unique writing style which I don’t always get on with but that is just me. When she lays off the descriptive writing and get more dialogue than I am all for it. Book 3 is out soon and I’m not convinced with the combi of who Dante will be up against. It could be interesting but execution here is the key.


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