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Jesse Winthrope is a self-made millionaire who has quickly risen from his own humble beginnings. Rocketed high into the upper echelons after the invention of his high efficiency Winthrope Steam Engine, Jesse is poised to take on the Western Frontier, starting in the city of Diablo.

Jenny Boone is from a hard-working farming family, living off the land far from the city and its technological marvels. However, circumstances beyond Jenny’s control force her into the clutches of a highly judgmental population.

Going to work in one of Winthrope’s factories, the two find each other and along with it a love that crosses both finances and prejudices.

Can their feelings for each other survive, or will society get the best of them, dousing the fire in their hearts?

While this was interesting and I was captivated by what I read I can truly say that this book is not for me. I am one of many who feels this way as you can see to what the other reviewees have written.

Was I sucked into the story? Yes and no. I thought that the MC would have met earlier on in the book but they didn’t and when they did it was way past the 52 % mark. I was also under the impression that it would only be based around Jesse and Jenny but there are several POV that we get to see in the book. This obviously adds to the story yet it isn’t what I wanted. This is where I’m torn where I thought that it added additional layers to the book but where it was also something I personally wasn’t interested in.

The mind of the author is creative, offering in-depth characters with a world filled with raiders, barren lands, robots, and huge difference in societal classes.  There is action, suspense with some banter that I liked now I love steampunk and I’ve read quite a few books in this genre but this book just wasn’t for me. IT could be that the paranormal aspect was missing that adds for me more spice to a book.

There was just not enough romance in the book and the character meet far too late in the book that I lost interest. This is just ONE opinion of many and is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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