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When raven shifter Riley Porter was given sanctuary by the Phoenix Pack, she let them believe she had left her flock. Reluctant to divulge the secrets of her past, she was still embraced as family. Only Tao Lukas, the protective and passionate Head Enforcer of the pack, was resistant to the enigmatic shifter. Until Riley started to arouse in him something other than suspicion.

Tao doesn’t trust lone shifters, especially ones so guarded—and tempting. But the sexual tension between them is making them both come undone, and vulnerable to more than desire. All Tao wants is for Riley to stay with him and to trust him with the truth of her past.

As Riley’s mysteries come to light, so does a danger that threatens not only her life but the safety of the entire pack. For Tao, keeping Riley safe means keeping her close—forever—as his mate.

“You really should learn to control your anger better. Eighty-Eight percent of men with bad tempers end up with high blood pressure and die an early death.” “They do not.” “They could do.”  

I originally gave it 4 stars but what the heck I’ve bumped it up to 5 stars.  

Ms. Wright is the dog’s bollocks. It’s a compliment believe me. She is my one click. My go to author. My if the world is a being a fickle bugger she will get me out of my funk author. For me she is one of the best paranormal romance authors out there. With Fierce Obsessions, she absolutely got it right. 

I worship the ground you walk on. This author thinks out of the box when it comes to shifters. Wolves, wolves are everywhere but other shifters be it Marquay or in this case Ravens? Bloody brilliant I tell you. 

As a reader, I dread when an author sticks to the mold that they use. SW has taken on board not what not to do and has developed and expanded on the world that she has created and made a world different from other shifter romances. Fingers crossed for The Movement as a series. 

If you hadn’t guessed then I’m a total fan girl. So, sue me!  

I want to go into the plot of the story but I won’t what I can say is that it is gripping, in depth and unique naturally I loved every moment of it.  

Riley Porter is one of the best heroines that I have read in the series. She is a rock especially for the kids. She is ruthless, fierce, vengeful and so very over protective but has always tried to keep her distance from the pack.  

Times run out sweetheart.  

Tao Lukas, head enforcer has wanted Riley from the start although he has acted like he didn’t. Tao is so fucking sweet and yet a total badass he will protect all of his pack. Tao doesn’t like humans he doesn’t get them and he can be really mean.  

Together the chemistry is fierce. It is true opposites do attract. They have a fantastic rapport going on. I could go on and on about it but basically just read it.

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