**Low Blow is the fourth book in the Shots On Goal series and can be read as a STANDALONE.**

One injury – a freaking broken rib.

That’s all it took to send life into a tailspin at the age of sixteen. After getting a heart transplant, I knew that I could never take life or my talents for granted – I was going to be the best of the best. Boxing consumed my life and I was on track for greatness.

Everything was perfect until I woke up one morning, ten years after my surgery with an overwhelming need to meet her – the girl whose father’s heart beat in my chest.

Little did I know that she was going to save me all over again.

Warning I’m most likely overreacting to some things here or being overdramatic.

Life should never be taken for granted.

This is an easy book to read. It’s fast paced sometimes too fast paced it is like the author tried to fit everything in a short time span.

Alternating between the past and the present at the beginning we see how Griffin got his second chance at life. After ten years and realising he feels as if something is missing. He’s kept the newspaper article and finally decides to look Olive up.

A whirlwind of a romance takes place there is instant attraction and they can’t live without one another.

There were also very touching moments. Some were bittersweet, not to take life for granted. For everything I’ve mentioned above I still enjoyed it and although the author and I aren’t a match made in heaven she is a diamond in the rough.

I love books when there is a certain twist to them and this felt right up my alley. I liked Low Blow well at least more than Cross Checked but that isn’t hard IMO.

This is where got tricky for me. Where her best friend Shaw put an image in my head of that if he has her Dad’s heart and well then is it incest? And that just really icked me out peeps. Probably being an odd bug here.

Some questions I had when reading the book.

Can a professional athlete have had a heart transplant? So I admit I was so intrigued that I did some research and yes it is possible. I don’t know why I doubted it but it just kept on niggling at me. And well I should drop it because you know fiction.

Didn’t Olive know that her father donated his organs?
It came as a surprise to her that she had someone in front of her who’d received one of her Dad’s organs.

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