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Soulmates destined to collide.

Six years after surviving a tragic loss, a photograph of a young woman turns Oliver Bishop’s world upside down. He’s on a mission, tracking her from state to state. Each stop bringing him closer to finding her. Will his search find the ghost vixen, or will the madman stalking her get to her first?

After fourteen years of running from a nightmare, Fallyn Blackwood barely escaped her stalker’s clutches in Washington. When a sexy stranger walks into Ray’s Diner, her entire world shifts on its axis. Scared and determined, she finds herself fighting his protective nature—and her desire. The problem is, she’s not looking to be saved.

He’s come too far to back down. He found her, and he won’t let go. Freedom from the past is within his grasp, and he’ll fight for her love.

Portrait of a man with naked torso and tattooes. Dark and deep shadows.

About the Authors:

F.G. Adams writes contemporary and paranormal romance about sexy alpha heroes and feisty-mouthed heroines. The wonder twins forming F.G. enjoy a healthy obsession of reading that started at a young age. Their books reflect an avid imagination that was cultivated by their grandmother who taught them the mind has no limits and to use both hands when reaching for the stars. Partners in writing, they both thrive on creating unique storylines for you, the reader to enjoy.

When not writing, you can find them on a beach with their significant other enjoying the waves or riding a Harley on a country road somewhere in the USA.

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So here are my thoughts on “Oliver” by FG Adams. So first things first – I made a slight mistake when I choose the book, because I did not pay attention (Or it wasn’t obvious at that time) that this book was part of a series. So hence one of my problems with the story.
But let me start at the beginning. I loved the Blurb and I loved the writing of the author. As it was my first book by this author I need to mention that especially. The part coming now is based on assumptions.
So treat this info carefully.
I assume because of the writing style that previous books already had information’s on Oliver in them. So if you were following the series his character should be (well?) known to you.
The same probably goes for Fallyn Blackwood.
So if I come from that angle than this book has a great storyline and is probably well balanced in the “developing of romance” department.
BUT as it is – I only read this book and I had to wonder at times about the development of feelings between the leading characters.
Because even though the Blurb mentions that Oliver is “hunting” Fallyn for a longer time he does not really know her so that can not count. And by the amount of time he invested in this hunt it almost – could – border on obsession instead of love but the author really tries to steer the reader of that route.
Still – if I count the actual time only that Fallyn knows Oliver later – its really an Insta-Love which is amazing for someone in her “special” situation. And it is well known that I have a tiny problem with InstaLoves
So – when it comes to the writing, the blurb and the storyline this book is really good and will definitely not be my last by this author BUT in the romance department it feels a little to InstaLove – no matter from which angle I look at it.
But please judge for yourself when reading – because its def. worth the time …
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