With death came new life.
She was my new life.
And I would never be able to let her go.

Social work was never an easy job but somebody had to do it. Fortunately for Sage Tucker, she wanted to do it. Day in and day out she saw kids who reminded her of her past and she needed to do everything in her power to give them the help that she never received when she was young. The more kids she helped, the more layers she thought she could shed of her dark childhood. But nothing ever worked. She was haunted by her memories, consumed by her anger. She slowly felt herself slipping further down into a hole, one she didn’t know if she would ever escape from.

Art made sense to Mason Cruz. Keeping his hands busy was his therapy. Being able to do both at his auto body shop was his sanctuary. Despite everything he had to overcome in his life, he had finally made something of himself and was where he wanted to be professionally. With every car he painted and every motorcycle he restored, he could keep the demons inside his head at bay. He just wished he was as good at repairing his soul as he was at repairing vintage fenders.

Sage had never felt so exposed than when she was around the smooth and charming Mason. Talking to him made her feel like she was under a microscope, but maybe that was exactly what she needed. Nobody had ever wanted to understand her like he did. Nobody had ever cared enough to ask and she had never cared to share.

And now she knew why.

Because she knew that whenever Mason learned everything about her, heard all of her darkest secrets, he would never want to look at her again.



There is poison all around us and if not careful it can seep in and take everything good away. One day you can wake up and realize that you have given in without knowing what really happened.

For me and this is based solely on my opinion about the book that The Art of Sage is outstanding. I adored this book. I adore the couple. I laughed and smiled and when Mason was upset I was upset for him and when Sage was angry I was angry for her.

Nevertheless the key elements in this book have been used to some extent in other books as well but this still has an original plot and twists to it and I loved every moment of it.

The main characters are so real, flawed, accepting of their pasts and the mistakes that they made and that they wanted to be better. Maybe not better but different. To feel something like happiness, joy, contentment, passion, lust and the big one out there that we all want is love. They both have travelled a rocky past.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

Mason Cruz is the tortured soul of a man. He has bled and paid for it all. He nearly lost it all if it hadn’t been for his brothers. 5 years sober and it is still a daily battle, a battle that will never abate. That itch will forever be there, it might quieten, it might go away for a while and it could be replaced by something completely different. But an itch is an itch.

Mason is overprotective, hot, and downright dirty with a sweet side and one of the best Heroes that I have read so far this year.


Sage Tucker is a strong, sassy, unique in her own right character. She helps kids that were once like her and what she went through and when one thing hits to close to home. Her anger issues get in the way a lot of things. A purple haired vixen with a particular pension for rough sexual encounters.


I love, and I truly mean love how they met.

“Jackpot,” I said it without even thinking, though I thought it was whispered low enough that no one else heard it. No such luck. “Excuse me?” the tattooed beauty asked, amusement creeping across his ruggedly handsome face. “Did you just say jackpot?” Panicked, embarrassed, and admittedly turned on, I adamantly shook my head back and forth. “No, I don’t think so. That doesn’t sound like something I would say.” How is this happening to me right now? He took a rag from his back pocket and began wiping off his hands, drawing my attention down to his chest, watching his muscles ripple. “You sure about that?” he asked.


Told in dual POV which is my favourite as I love being in the main characters heads. I enjoyed this book on every level you can and seriously if you are out then keep an extra pair of knickers around. Because you will need them. My lady parts were on fire. Just thinking about these two together while writing this review is combustible. Holy shite do they have chemistry and boy can they get down and do the nasty. I had to repeat it again with the chemistry.

They understand one another and it isn’t just on a physical level but also an emotional level. They both know what it is to live life on a edge walking a fine line and not falling. And boy were they steaming together.


Thank you for that Ms. Munton. It shows how far he has come and spared me as a reader that kind of heartache. Both for Sage and for Mason. Luckily they have family that is meddlesome and helps them.


I tried the first book in the series and realised that I wouldn’t get along with the trope thus being that the Hero pushed the heroine away for a long time but kept on pinning after here. It was all done for her you know the usually blablabla shite. This book though…….

Was on my part meant to be mediocre at best not bloody awesome. This is everything I needed in a read. Okay so yes the shit that blew up in the book. What Sage said? How Mason reacted after an apology? Kind of expected. I would really like to see a book with her foster brother Pierce.

Please read this book as I think it is worth it. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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