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USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne concludes the Surviving Ashes series with an explosive story where the strength of love rises against the loss of humanity…

Van Overton had given years of service to his country. He’d paid his dues and he no longer needed to put his life on the line. He could live out the rest of his days doing what he did best—making money from inside the heart of the world’s fastest paced financial system.

Allie James had wished time and again for something—anything—to happen just so she didn’t have to open another eviction notice. She adored the hustle and bustle of the city, her cozy apartment in a good neighborhood, and the rugged looking man across the hall wasn’t half bad to look at either. Regrettably, she’d been thinking more along the lines of winning the lottery than an approaching apocalypse.

Van should have known his luck wouldn’t hold out, but a supervolcano eruption? It was a good thing his time in the military had taught him to be ready for just about anything. Unfortunately, his next-door neighbor didn’t fit into anyone’s idea of a survival plan. Allie was everything he tried to avoid in a woman, but she was definitely the one who had the ability to steal his heart.

Series Description: The world as they know it is about to change. The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted in an apocalyptic fashion, triggering simultaneous events around the world. The one thing that will either bring society together or rip their lives apart is the need for survival as a group. A company of former Marines will do whatever it takes to reach an area in the far recesses of northeastern Washington State, a region they feel is uniquely equipped for endurance and existence in what is left of the crumbling infrastructure of the United States. Follow along as Kennedy Layne conveys each of their stories as these brave men and women face the harsh, fiery elements of an inevitable apocalypse while encountering passion, intrigue, and suspense…

5++++++ ‘This is Princess to Rambo’ Stars.

I love myself some post-apocalyptic romance and this book is no different. So I came in at the tail end of the series. This is the last book in the series and if this is anything to go by then this is a must read. Go and add all the books to your TBR shelf. The first one is FREE on Amazon.

This is full of action and it really got my blood pumping. It is an exciting read with action and a scary plot that could really happen. The Yellowstone caldera has exploded. The world is full of ashes you will soon be. The odds of surviving? Virtually zero to none.


You are Van Overton and your former brothers-in-arms specifically Tank has been a prepper and has everything you need at Lost Summit.

Only problem? Van is in New York so he is going in to danger instead of trying to get away with it. Washington State is where Lost Summit and it won’t be an easy feat getting there. But if anyone can then it is him. HE is a bit of a prick though.

All I can say Allie is be careful what you wish for. But who would have thought that could happen? All the problems you had before seemed trivial and petty when being realistic.

They don’t get off to the best start but Van saves her life on numerous accounts while she comes to grasps with the current situation and in the end realises that her best bet is that she sticks with Van. She has his six and is a fast learner.

Martial Law has been called. The veneer that we call civilisation has come to an end it is survival of the fittest. It didn’t happen long for everything to come to a standstill.  

Three gruelling weeks later and they have come to rely on one another and feelings have developed all they aren’t keen to act on them. Reluctant to admit to their feelings because who want to be the last man/woman on earth? When they were neighbours beforehand.

They first kissed at the 75% mark and had sex somewhat later but the build up to it is great and I don’t care because that is how awesome the plot is.

The obstacles they overcome, being captured by a madman. The life and death situations. The characters and well everything just bloody awesome and a must read.

I will read all the others as this is right up my alley.





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