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One accident – a freaking car crash. That’s all it took to send my life into a tailspin.

Little did I know that out of the wreckage, everything would fall into place. I would get everything I had ever worked for.

Little did I know that I would find the woman who would cross check my life, flipping everything upside down.

Even though she’s melting the ice that surrounds my heart, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will I ever be able to find my footing or am I destined to stay pinned against the boards?  



2.5 Stars

First of all I’m going to be a bit bitchy. But I never said that I’m a nice person. I just keep it in check most of the time.

At the end of the book the author wrote:
It is better to leave a negative review than no review at all. For all you trolls out there this is what the author wants.

Told in dual POV. Which is one of my favorites. It apparently is on the same time line as Hat Trick and can be read as a standalone.

Karla & Braydon first meet when his sister Myla is in ICU. There is very little interaction between the two. The first part shows how each lead their lives. Karla is in a relationship that turns abusive. I mean that came out of bloody nowhere. Braydon hockey player for the Otters has had it quite tough. We each deal with stuff differently but this is a tough scene to read. What I didn’t like is the detailed sex scene with a other woman. That is the most off putting thing I have read in a really, long time.

At 39 % there was still was no interaction between the two main characters. Which got me very close to..



and a DNF this majorly. I thought I’d continue for a little while more. A reviewer wrote that gets better.
Then FINALLY we fast forward and its two years later. The main characters meet. They remember one another straightaway. I can’t remember people from last month let alone who I met two years ago. We then have a whirlwind of a romance. Which quite frankly is hardly believable. This was the next point where



The time frame for me was also an issue. As I said that met one another again after two years. Their relationship was written in brief intervals of how they met, their first date, meet the friends, specific important dates. Every couple of months I didn’t feel as if it flowed.

Another thing Braydon doesn’t come across as cold but as a dipshit.

I don’t know quite the author was aiming for here. Was it meant to be dramatic and emotional? If yes, then the banter was out of place and that I didn’t believe that it affected Karla as the author tries to make us believe. Maybe because this is a short read and rushed it just didn’t work.

This is just me so please read the book and decide for yourself. 



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