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Addison Turner has scripted a perfect future for herself, complete with a fairytale ending. She will become the name in doggie fashion design and live happily ever after with the husband of her dreams—and her dachshund, Princess, by her side. Just when her plan is on track and she’s gaining recognition at the local dog show, Addison is hit with some Oscar-worthy drama. A group of prize-winning show dogs are stolen from under her nose, and she’s stuck asking for help from Felix Vaughn, an infuriatingly hot bartender who is the exact opposite of Prince Charming.

When more dogs go missing—and Felix becomes a suspect—the two team up to clear their names. Although Felix and Addison fight like cats and dogs, there’s an undeniable spark between them. And as the trail to the missing dogs heats up, so does their red-hot chemistry. Can Addison be persuaded to throw away her script to find an ending that just might be better than she ever expected?


4 Much? Stars.


Addison Turner has her life planned and mapped out to the last detail. She is an up and coming dog stylist. With her soon to be Fido Fashion to come out. Her new mission is to find her dream man and she comes over as slightly desperate okay very desperate. 


After a tragic incident at the age of twenty two she has decided to pursue her dream of a family but is still looking for the one. She wants her life to be a blockbuster Hollywood and a romantic comedy so not only is she desperate but also delusional and picks Phillip Montgomery III. Might I add Addison there was no relationship between the two of you. Your imagination is running slightly wild here.


Felix Vaughn is the bartender at the mixer that Addison is working at. He is a fantastic Hero. Cocky but not too cocky. He has dreams and he is all doing it for his little girl. Such a beautiful surprise. I love Dad’s with kids trope. Felix is funny and knows how to push all of Addison’s buttons so that she isn’t as uptight as she makes out to be.


“Looking for someone?” he asked. “Yes. I happen to be looking for Mr. Perfect.” “Well, it’s your lucky day,” he said. “You’ve found him.” Falling for it, she glanced back at him. He spread his arms outward, presenting himself. “Right her.”


But he also wants more and he has his eyes set on Addison. Don’t know why really but he must see something I don’t. His POV was missing.


To clear her name she asks Felix for help. As he is a fountain of information.


“I want information.” “Well I’m thirty one, I like sports-the 49ers are my favourite team-I love music. The classics, mostly. You know, Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Journey. Oh, and don’t forget banana pancakes with caramel chocolate chips after a sleep-in on Sundays.” “No not that kind of information.” “Well, we can get a little more personal, if you like. But you’ll have to buy me dinner first.”


Addison is extremely judgemental towards Felix and he didn’t deserve one iota of that. Felix isn’t the court jester he has been the prince all along. Addison needs to come to terms with what dreams are and that reality are two different things. Her Dad is spot on:


“With enough love, you can make it through anything. There’s more to life than money.”


The plot of the book is that there is a dognapper out there and Addison is a prime suspect. After a second dognapping incident Felix is also a prime suspect. They are now in cahoots with one another. So they decide to clear both of their names and find the dognapper. With trying to solve a crime and Addison trying to deal with what she wants and balancing against what she needs. Felix is a saint. Although I found the heroine to be really annoying I prefer this book to the first one. For me there was one too many times were miscommunications arose and then the dognapping turns into kidnapping. I didn’t guess the culprit of the book that hello asylum you are getting a new patient.


Ms. Griffin has written a sweet, sexy, funny read with a to die for Hero. She has given each and every single dog in the book her own character that they are so unique you want to go out and got yourself a Doxie.

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