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After a few years of easy small-town living as the St. Fleur librarian, Lindsey finds herself in the middle of a love triangle gone wrong. Gifts begin arriving and in time she realizes her confusing feelings over Derek, the sweet history teacher, and Marc, the man she doesn’t remember, is the least of her troubles. Her complicated love life takes a violent turn when she learns there is a stalker watching her every move.

When Marc visited his best friend’s new home months ago, he didn’t expect to meet the first woman to awaken his desire for more since he was a teen. Too bad she’s already taken. When their shared attraction leads them to the truth, will they finally get the happily ever after they both want?

Or will her current man, his best friend, and her stalker be the nails in the coffin of their attraction?

For Mature Audiences only due to the sexual scenes and language. 

I am most likely going to contradict myself in this review. 

I have to be honest here I finished the book yesterday but I don’t know how to rate it. It’s not bad per se. It is a sweet read with spice and suspense. There were times when I wanted to give it one star but then it would hit the four-star mark. Where I then thought, this is more like it. Then it would plunge back to two or three stars. After my review, sleeping on it for a night and ironing out everything? Still got no clue.

Characterisation is good. I liked the main characters but I didn’t develop a connection with them at all to be honest they would have been better off without one another. Too much cat and dog behavior going on here.

They have had feelings for one another since Lindsey has been 15 and Marc has been 18 but you don’t hit on your best friend’s kid sister. Well you just don’t go there at that age. But being a grown-up ass you step up and claim your woman. Not constantly pratting around which you were doing. Yes, I’m looking at you Marc. I’m surprised Lindsey gave you the time day. On top of that nearly everyone around you knew that you had feelings for one another. 

The plot is good and keeps you on the edge of your seat the excitement increases until you can’t stand it much longer. But the was just one thing where I thought okay that is a bit of a cliché and then you drop a bomb on her about that. Don’t get me started on the sister implying that shite she did.

 I adored book one in the series so I can’t figure out what happened here.

I guessed the stalker and for at least the last 30% of the book I was internally shouting at them to who dunnit. It wasn’t rocket science okay so I’m most likely being harsh here but a simple question of Lindsey who else do you know whose name starts with D would have been a good start you know but just saying.

I won’t mention everything that irritated me in the book but the most important ones that I found annoying.  

Question do all of you out there remember your first crush/love? If you met years later would you remember? I find it hard to believe that they can’t remember one another. They have always compared each person they have dated to the other and they have all paled in comparison. So how can you forget? Got to say left me stumped. It did add some spice so I obviously have mixed feelings on this one. I found it frustrating at times very frustrating. There were times it was smooth sailing probably to lure us into a false sense of security and then loads of shit would go down all at once. It could have been evenly spaced but this is just IMO.  

Lindsey didn’t have just one nickname instead we had three Lulu, half pint and Linz. Then there are the terms of endearment from Marc every single chance he had he would call her Mi Amor and muñeca. Gah. And Lindsey well she called him honey. Double gah! 

Books are beta read etc. So why didn’t someone mention this to the author?

All in all, for all of the minor things that bothered me I still liked the book and well I think that you should read it and try it out for yourselves. This is just me and my personal opinion.

3 Stars it is.

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